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Welcome First Year Students!

The Academic Advising Centre is pleased to welcome you to Memorial University!

The start of your first semester at Memorial is a very exciting time but it may also seem a bit overwhelming. It will take you a little while to adjust to your courses, your professors, and for those of you who have moved to St. John's, your new living accommodations. The Academic Advising Centre is here to help you with this transition.

Although the Centre exists primarily to assist you in making academic decisions, the Centre can also provide information on other student services available, such as, academic help centres, counselling services, library facilities, services for disabled students, etc.

Faculty Advisers

In the Fall and Winter semesters of your first year, one of your professors will be assigned as your Faculty Adviser. If you are not sure of who this is, please check your schedule on Memorial Self-Service. Professors will also make an announcement in class regarding his/her advisees during the first week of the semester. Making changes to your schedule may also cause reassignment of your Faculty Adviser. Memorial Self-Service will advise you if this happens.

If you have not been assigned a Faculty Adviser and have not been accepted into a direct-entry program, please consult with the Academic advising Centre. If you have been accepted into a direct-entry program, please consult with your Faculty on all academic matters.