Student Relationships Programs


What is the Maintaining Student Relationships Program?

The Maintaining Student Relationships Program (MSRP) is offered through the Academic Advising Centre. The focus of the MSRP is to help undeclared students beyond their first year of study with developing an academic path. If you are aware of a student that is beyond first year who is not declared in a program of study; has applied to a program, but has been declined admission; or if the student is not sure if they are on the right track for admission to their chosen program, then the MSRP can help.

The MSRP takes a proactive approach in communicating with undeclared students beyond first year. Through a series of emails, students are provided information on:

  • registering for the appropriate courses
  • declaring a program of study
  • seeking academic advice
  • attending information sessions
  • learning more about events on campus

To learn more about how the Maintaining Student Relationships Program can help, please contact:

Kelly Knight, Academic Advisor
Maintaining Student Relationships Program
Phone: (709) 864-8801