Declaring a Major or Minor for a BA or BSc

Bachelor of Arts

An arts degree gives students a strong foundation of knowledge, along with the language, research, analytical and communications skills needed to succeed and adapt in a dynamic and rapidly evolving economy. The Faculty of Arts consists of a variety of departments, offering courses in the humanities and social sciences.

To declare a major/minor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, simply go to the Registrar's Office and fill out the Declaration/Change of Academic Program form. Please note, there are a few programs in the Faculty of Arts that are competitive entrance.

Bachelor of Science

A science degree exposes students to the tools and techniques scientists use to discover, analyze, interpret and make predictions about subjects as small as sub-atomic particles and as large as the universe. The Faculty of Science consists of a variety of departments to choose from.

To declare a major or a minor in the Faculty of Science, you must complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Program form and submit it to the head of the department of the program you want to declare; forms must then be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

To discuss options available or to obtain academic advice on course selection, please contact Academic Advising Centre.