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ADVICE Newsletter - February

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Welcome to the February edition of the ADVICE Newsletter. This edition includes timely information that can help you as you complete this semester's courses and plan for your second year at Memorial.

As always, if you need any academic advice or support during the winter semester, feel free to contact the Academic Advising Centre.


Did you know that you can book an appointment to see an academic advisor at a time that's convenient for you?

Just log on to your and follow these instructions to make an appointment that fits with your schedule.

Of colurse, students are always welcome to drop by the Academic Advising Centre during regular office hours and see the next available advisor.



female student reading

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at this point in the semester, don't worry, you're not the only one!

As papers, exams and presentations begin to pile up, a lot of students begin feeling the pressure of deadlines. To help you, Memorial's Counselling Centre is again offering their drop-in study clinics.

These sessions offer you a chance to discuss your concerns with a psychologist and develop helpful strategies to meet your academic goals.

In the past, students have worked on reading and study skills, time-management, oral presentations, organizing knowledge for writing papers/essays and dealing with test anxiety.

These sessions are offered free of charge to registered Memorial students. A complete list of Winter 2014 Study Skills Clinics are provided on the Counselling Centre website along with many other resources students can avail of while studying at Memorial.


Puzzling over a Math assignment? Having trouble with French verbs? Don't worry - there's a Help Centre for that!

Many departments offer Help Centres where students can avail of individualized help with specific courses.

Don't wait until the last weeks of classes to drop by the centres. Go now, before the rush, and find out what services the Help Centre offers and the best time to visit.

For your convenience there is a complete list of available Help Centres on the Academic Advising Centre website.


There may be snow on the ground but it's never too early to think about taking courses this Spring/Summer at Memorial.

Registration for the spring semester (May 12 - Aug. 16), intersession (May 12 - June 25) and summer session (June 30 - Aug. 13) will begin on March 24, 2014.

The maximum course load for intersession and summer session is two courses. Students may take up to five courses in the spring semester or in combination from the spring semester, summer session and intersession. For example, a student can register for three courses in the spring semester and one in each of the intersession and summer session.

Drop by or book an appointment with one of our advisors to discuss your options for the upcoming semester.


female student in classroomFaculties and schools at Memorial are joining forces with the Academic Advising Centre to offer weekly information sessions for students.

The sessions will provide you with information about degree programs offered at Memorial and allow you to ask questions about choosing or applying to a program of study.

The sessions are held each Wednesday at 1 pm in the Science Building, Room SN 4068. These are the remaining dates for the winter semester:

  • Feb. 5 - Pharmacy
  • Feb. 12 - Social Work
  • Feb. 26 - Business
  • March 5 - Arts
  • March 12 - Science
  • March 19 - Education

You can also learn more about degree programs offered at Memorial when you visit the Midterm Resource Fair.

The event takes place on Monday, February 10 from 11am to 2pm and offers students information about academic and career development resources offered on campus.

Faculties, schools and departments will be available to talk with students at their information booths set up on the 3rd floor of the University Centre. 


It's important to stay informed about important dates and deadlines. Here are some key dates for the winter semester:

  • Feb. 6: The last day to drop winter semester courses and receive a 25% refund of tuition fees. No tuition fees will be refunded for courses dropped after this date.

  • Feb. 17-19: Mid-term break - no classes.

  • Feb. 20: Classes resume.

  • Feb. 27: The last day for undergraduate students to drop courses for winter semester without academic prejudice.

  • Mar. 24: Registration begins for spring/intersession/summer semesters.

  • Apr. 4: Classes end for the winter semester.

As always, check the University Diary for a full list of relevant dates. You may also wish to refer to the Office of the Registrar's Relevant Dates section for more details.

The university has made several changes to the winter semester schedule to accommodate for the loss of three teaching days in early January:

  • On Wednesday, Feb. 19 (the last day of midterm break), evening classes will go ahead, following the Wednesday schedule
  • On Thursday, Feb. 20, lectures will follow the Tuesday schedule
  • On Friday, Feb. 21, lectures will follow the Monday schedule


All of the professional faculties and schools at Memorial have specific application deadlines and admission requirements. Some deadlines have passed, others are coming soon.

If you are interested in any of these programs you should ensure that you meet the admission regulations by completing the required courses.

Consult the Guide to First Year, the university Calendar or the Academic Advising Centre for admission requirements and related information.

If you hope to be accepted to one of the programs listed below, be sure to submit the application on time.

March 1 deadline

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Recreation
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • International Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA)


advisor talks to studentYou may have come to Memorial with a clear idea of your career path or you might be still wondering what the future holds for you.

Either way, Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL) can offer you advice and support as you explore your careeer options.

The CDEL team provides labour market information, employability skills workshops, individual consultations, and employment counselling, and offers students a chance to gain practical career-related experiences.

Postings for summer, part-time, and graduate employment are advertised throughout the year at MyMunLife. Students are encouraged to check the job postings on a regular basis.

Career Development and Experiential Learning is located on the fourth floor of the Smallwood Centre in UC 4002 and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit the CDEL website for more information.


Everyone at Memorial has a responsibility to maintain a high level of scholarly integrity.

As the university calendar states, “academic misconduct cannot be condoned or even appear to be condoned".

Students need to be well-informed about university policies regarding academic dishonesty and misconduct and to understand which actions could be seen as dishonest or improper.

The university Calendar notes that academic offences include (but shall not be limited to) the following:

  • cheating on examinations or any other tests, theses, assignments, work term reports, projects or internship reports
  • impersonating another student or allowing oneself to be impersonated
  • plagiarism - presenting the ideas or works of another as one's own
  • use and/or distribution of stolen material
  • submitting false information
  • submitting work for one course or work term which has been (or is being submitted) for another course or work term at this or any other institution without express permission to do so
  • failure to follow relevant University/Faculty/School guidelines on ethics.

If you need further guidance on proper scholarly behavior, you should talk to your instructors and faculty advisors and get their advice on following university policy.

This material was drawn from the university Calendar. To read all the relevant regulations about academic misconduct at Memorial, you may consult Section 5.11: Academic Misconduct.