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When can I move into residence?  

For the Fall 2013 semester, the earliest date on which you can move into residence is Sunday, September 1st starting at 9:00a.m. You can learn more about living on our campus, including a check list of items you may want to bring with you, by visiting the On-Campus Housing office website.

You should contact if you have questions about your accomodations or room assignment.

How can I find out which books are required?  

You can find out which books you need for your courses from the bookstore online. Simply go to the Memorial University Bookstore website, select Textbooks from the main menu and choose the course you would like to have information for. Once you locate and highlight the course, select the Search button and you will be informed of which books have been ordered for the class, as well as the cost.

Can I still register for orientation?  

We strongly encourage you to attend Orientation in September. If you have not yet registered for Orientation, you may still do so. It is listed as ORTN 1000 within the course selections found through Memorial Self-Service. You can learn more about Orientation 2013 by visiting the Orientation website.

Need more information about Student Life at Memorial before Orientation? Drop by any of our New Student Online Information Sessions. Schedule of topics, dates and times can be found here.


Where do I get my student ID and what is it for?  

You can get your campus card (a.k.a. student identification card) at the Answers office (University Centre 3005) or you can request your card online

The primary use is for identification purposes (necessary when taking final examinations), but the campus card can also be used as a library card, as a photocopying card, and as a means to gain access to public laser printers on campus. The card also allows students to gain access through certain electronic doors on campus. If you plan to live on campus, your student identification card will serve as your key to your residence. 

You can put money on your card at the QEII Library or at any other location on campus where campus card loading machines are found. If you should have any concerns about getting your Campus Card, please contact Answers at (709) 864-7461 or email  

How can I make changes to my class schedule?

You may change your schedule through Memorial Self-Service after you have completed your initial registration. Keep in mind that, once you drop a course, you may not be able to add it to your schedule again should another student register for the available space. Also, if you drop a course that is a co-requisite of another course in your schedule, the other course will also be dropped.

If you have concerns about registration or changing your schedule, please do not hesitate to seek advice at To learn how to book an appointment with an academic advisor please visit the Academic Advising Centre website

How and when do I pay my fees? 

You may pay your fees by using: online or telephone banking through any major Canadian financial Institution; using your MUN student account; or at the Cashier’s/Bursar’s Office if you need to use cash/debit card, cheque/money order. Payment by cheque/money order may also be sent by mail. You may also pay with a credit card, however there will be a fee to use a credit card for payment. To learn more about fees payment see the Cashier's Office information.

Please note that tuition fees, residence fees, student union fees, health/dental insurance and other related fees are due once you register. Fees must be paid by the September 18, 2013 deadline to avoid a late payment penalty. An invoice will be sent to you through your email account. 

How do I update my Personal Information? 

To make changes to your personal information, such as your phone number and address, please visit the MUN website (, select Memorial Self-Service and log-in using your student number and PIN. You will select Personal Information, followed by Update Addresses and Phones and then view your current contact information. You can then make the necessary changes and click submit. Finally, review your updated contact information and select exit from the top right menu to log out.





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