Public Outreach

CPAWS Annual General Meeting - June 18th, 2020 - Featuring Dr. Bill Montevechhi As Guest Speaker

CPAWS Annual General Meeting 2020 Invitation - Featuring Dr. Bill Montevechhi

Entangled Eagles Rescued After Eagle-Eye Passerby Spots Pair in Ditch Near TCH

Image of an Atlantic Cod

Enhancing handline catch efficiency for Atlantic Cod - Fishtek Marine

The sins of the fishery fall on the seals 

Review and assessment of regional assessment of offshore oil and gas exploratory drilling east of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Gerry Byrne promises to bring plans to cabinet after advisers quit wilderness council - February 2020

Bill Montevecchi quits provincial ecological advisory committee to protest inaction - February 2020

Environmental advisors resign from WERAC - February 2020

Environmentalist at Odds with Minister Over Progress on Protection of Natural Areas - February 2020

Environmental advisers resign claiming N.L. government won't listen to advice - February 2020

Concerns about the Murre hunt

Severely Injured Gull Recovered from Burton’s Pond Familiar to Researchers - January 2020

Quinlan Brothers Working to Help Storm Petrels in Bay de Verde - Oct 2019

Freeing the Flow of Information From the Offshore - Aug 2019

Oil Industry & Regulator Under Fire Again After Latest Offshore Spill

Hibernia: Des Biologistes Réclament La Présence Constante d’Observateurs Indépendants

Fuel Valve To Blame For Power Outage On Hibernia Platform, Causing Spill

Smaller Turrs, Caplin Signal ‘Radical Changes’ in Ocean

Seabird Researcher Concerned About Transparency After Latest Oil Spill

MUN Prof Skeptical of Oil Company Info In Wake of Spill

CBC Radio Main Street [Halifax] Seabirds Signal Ocean Climate Change

The Great Auk Epitaph by William Beebe 

The Great Auk Poem by Gordon Slade

Tragic Tale of the Greak Auk by Jan Thornhill 

Coyotes at Cape St. Mary's - May 2019

MUN Gazette - Honouring Excellence - February 2019

Fraser & Carter - Recommendation to Establish an Independent Environmental Authority for Newfoundland and Labrador’s Offshore Oil and Gas Sector - January 2019

Downhome Magazine - Funk Island Youtube Website - January 2019

CBC Radio The Broadcast - Coyotes Killing Seabirds - January 2019

CBC Radio The Broadcast - Do Not Cull Seals - January 2019

CBC Radio The Broadcast - Seal Hunt and Seal Cull - January 2019

A Marvelous Terrible Place, Funk Island - 2018

Review of Newfoundland Orphan Basin Exploration Drilling Project - 29 November 2018

John Lewis Paton Distinguished University Professorship 

MUN - Role models - 14 Dec 2018

iPolitics - Calls for better oversight of offshore oil follow NFLD spill - 29 Nov 2018

MUN Gazette - A marvelous, terrible place - 21 Nov 2018

iPolitics - Calls for better oversight of offshore oil follow NFLD spill - 20 Nov 2018

CBC - Biologists wonder how many seabirds are dead after Husky oil spill off N.L. - 20 Nov 2018

A Marvelous, Terrible Place - 730 PM, Thursday November 22nd, Room A-1046 MUN

VOCM - Let Me Hunt Off Cape St. Mary’s: Coyotes Killing Gannets In Ecological Reserve - 13 November 2018

VOCM - Interview about how offshore activity has impacted seabird populations - 31 August 2018

The Telegram: N.L. biologist worries offshore lights stranding seabirds - 27 August 2018

Montevecchi et al 2018. Missing Storm Petrels  - Presentation to Nature NL.

Gannet Parental Abandonment 2018 - Bill Montevecchi

The Telegram: CPAWS-NL takes step toward dark sky designation in effort to protect puffins - 10 August 2018

Response to Jul 2018 National Geographic article that overlooked Newfoundland and the North Atlantic. 

Birdmania: A Remarkable Passion for Birds - Bill Montevecchi 2018 The Antigonish Review

Platicized Robin's Nest

Have seen many gannet nests with plastic cord, netting, fishing twine andpacking straps woven into them but this is the first land bird nest that I have seen with so much plastic - blue strips from nylon tarp and also monofilament fishing line [photo - Janet Montevecchi]. Nest was brought to me by Ed Churchill of Portugal Cove Newfoundland who released a large nestling that was hanging by its leg wrapped in blue nylon. Ed freed the nestling and put it back in nest where it was fed by parents and apparently fledged the nest day. A successful rescue.


Between Breaths Opening Night LSPU Hall - 19 July 2018

The Navigator: Gillnets, Hook-and-Lines and Pots: Gear Considerations in a New Newfoundland Cod Fishery - June 2018

What Happened to the 3,330, 000 Missing Storm-Petrels? Talk by April Hedd, Neil Burgess and Bill Montevecchi

VOCM: Time to Take in Bird Feeders for Summer, says Biologist - May 21, 2018

CBC The Broadcast - Millions of Missing Storm-Petrels - May 18, 2018

VOCM: Oil Exploration in Protected Region the Wrong Call says Biologist - May 3, 2018

VOCM: DFO Capelin Report Of ‘Minimal Use’ To Fishery: Montevecchi

Interview on CBC News: Seagulls in Love - 14 February 2018

Interview on The Broadcast- Oil Pollution Prevention [starts at minute 9]- 20 Dec 2017

Montevecchi: "Open Letter to Seabird Biologists in the Falkland Islands"November, 2017

CBC News: " Ocean litter 'disgusting' but scientist says attitudes are changing"November 22, 2017

Montevecchi: "Musgrave Harbour Outreach" October, 2017

VOCM News: "Millions of Seabirds Vanishing Raises red Flags on Offshore Oil: Biologist" October 18, 2017

CBC News: "Researchers Call for Offshore Oil Action as Newfoundland Seabirds Vanish" - October 17, 2017

VOCM Nightline: "Gillnets, Ghost Nets and Sustainable Fishing Practices" - October 5, 2017

MUN Gazette: "Ocean Messengers" - September 28, 2017

VOCM News: "Vessel Breached Buffer Zone of Ecological reserve: Montevecchi" - August 28, 2017

CBC News: "Biologist Slams US Vessel For Running Aground in Witless Bay Reserve" - August 27, 2017

Northeast Avalon Times: 'The Disappearance of Millions of Newfoundland Seabirds" - August, 2017

VOCM News: "Coastal Wildlife and Oil Industry an Imbalanced Equation: Montevecchi"  - July 17, 2017

CBC News: "Offshore petroleum board not fit for environmental regulation, scientist says." - July 11, 2017

The Telegram - Letter: "Oil companies and the CNLOPB - A scandalous relationship." - July 10, 2017

CBC News: "We're doing something wrong: Environmentalist questions central Newfoundland scrap yard." - June 17, 2017

Letter to Minister Catherine McKenna - January 30, 2017

The New York Times - "Hunting 'Turr' in Newfoundland's Frigid Waters" December 4, 2016

CBC Radio: The Broadcast - "Are You Ready If a Ship Starts Leaking Oil on Your Coastline?"- December 1, 2016

MUN Gazette - "Faculty serving in voluntary capacity to establish N.L. nature reserves" - November 29, 2016

VOCM News - "Your Birdfeeder Could be Killing Songbirds" - August 17, 2016

CBC Radio - The Broadcast Interview -"Rethinking the Capelin Fishery and Best Practices"- August 2, 2016

Partners in Research Science Ambassador Award 2016 - Acceptance Speech - May 3, 2016

CBC News - "Scientist scolds 'wasteful' hunters after seabirds dumped in C.B.S" - March 21, 2016

The Telegram - "Salmonier River Controversy Can be Resolved" - February 15, 2016

Fogo Island Inn 2016 Valentine's Weekend Bird and Mammal List - February 14, 2016

NTV News - "Eagle Snared by Animal Trap in Clarenville" - February 3, 2016

Brochure - "The Funk Island Great Aux Exhibition"

Letters of Concern and Article- "Ragged Beach Development"
Ecological Concerns about Proposed Ragged Beach Development (June 2011). 

- Witless Bay Municipal Plan and Development Regulations – Submission and Statement of Objection (October 2015). 

- Osprey article: Environmental Stewardship of the Witless Bay Seabird Reserve. 

VOCM News: Biologist Calls for Reinstatement of Manager at Bird Sanctuary- August 28, 2015

CTV News: Researchers to track northern gannets after Nfld. chicks left to starve - August 27, 2015

Radio Canada International: Climate change and abnormal behaviour of gannets- September 18, 2014

O Chicks starving in Newfoundland as warmer sea water imperils food supply for birds - September 12, 2014

VOCM News: Puffins Doing Great, Gannets, Not So Much - September 1, 2014

Nature NL (press release): Gannets abandoning chicks at Cape St. Mary's seabird colony - August 27, 2014

The Pilot: Little Fogo Island a seabird hot spot - June 25, 2014

The Telegram - A Road Not Taken- March 12, 2014

Metro News - Feds must stop shipwreck oil leak: minister- January 13, 2014

The Blog Aquatic - Interview: Dr. Bill Montevecchi on Oil and Dispersant Effects on Birds Wintering in the Gulf of Mexico- January 9, 2014

The Telegram - Sandy pond Alliance Not Backing Down - November 26, 2013

CBC St. John's Morning Show - "Why did the duck WALK across the road?"- October 17, 2013

CBC Shift NB - "Massive Bird Kill Predictable, Says Scientist"- September 19, 2013

CBC News - "Seabirds Get Comfy at Abandoned St. John's Supermarket"- July 10, 2013

CBC News - "How a Paradise teen became a wetlands conservationist" - July 8, 2013

CBC Radio Fisheries Broadcast - "Cod Moratorium, Gill Net Use and Seabird Populations" - June 26, 2013

CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks - "Gill-net Drownings Depress Seabird Populations" - June 8, 2013

CBC Radio Fisheries Broadcast - "The Cod Moratorium and its Still-Reverberating Effects on Seabirds"- June 4, 2013

Nature - "Terrible Toll of Fishing Nets on Seabirds Revealed"- May 29, 2013

Nature Research Highlights - "Divers Soar After Net Ban" - May 2013

CBC Radio Noon - "The Coast Guard is Trying to Plug an Oil Spill..." May 24, 2013

The Telegram - "Judge Considering Sandy Pond Case"- February 28, 2013

CBC News Here and Now - "Sandy Pond Alliance Court Challenge"- February 27, 2013 (Note: The segment of interest starts at 35:10)

CBC News Here and Now - "Duck Problems"- February 1, 2013

CBC Radio: Fisheries Broadcast - "To Cull or Not to Cull"- December 11, 2012 (NOTE: Dr. Montevecchi comes on at 2:15)

Juris Benjamin - "Lucky Landing: The Story of a Gannet in Need of Rescue"

Global National - "Warmer Waters and Birds' Changing Behaviour"- August 29, 2012

CBC News: Here and Now, NL - "Disappearing Gannets"- August 17, 2012 (Note: Dr. Montevechi comes on at 103.35 mins)

CBC Radio One: On the Go - "Ted Speaks With Bill Montevecchi About Dive Bombing Crows"- July 4, 2012

The Canadian Press - "Biologists Call for Action to Stop Multiple Oil and Mud Spills off Newfoundland"- July 4, 2012

Radio Canada International: The Link! - "Scientist Demands Greater Monitoring of Canadian Seabirds Affected by BP Oil Spill"- March 28, 2012

Presentation by Dr. Montevecchi - Hebron Environmental Assessment: Review of Comprehensive Study Report- December 6, 2011

CBC Radio: Labrador Morning Show - "Arctic Seabird Presentation"-December 1, 2011

BBC World Service - Science in Action- October 20, 2011 (Dr. Montevecchi comes on at 13:00)

The Vancouver Sun - "BP spill posed bigger risk to seabirds than believed: researchers"- October 20, 2011

CBC Radio: St. John's Morning Show - "Oiled Gannets Research Paper"- October 19, 2011

NDP Press Release - NDP Leader Questions Offshore Environmental Safety- October 17, 2011

The Telegram - Second Spill in Matter of Weeks Raises Questions: MUN Prof- October 15, 2011

Environmental Policy Questionnaire - NL Provincial Election- August 29, 2011

Environmental Policy Recommendations - NL Provincial Election - August 29, 2011

YouTube - "Funk Island: A Marvellous Terrible Place"- August 17, 2011

Music and Songs to Right the Wrongs Concert - July 16, 2011

CPAWS News Release - "Scientists Call on Canada to Strictly Protect at Least 30% of its Oceans"May 16, 2011

- View website here

-MPA Guidelines Report

-MPA Invitation

The Telegram - "Time for Change at the Offshore Petroleum Board"- March 30, 2011

CBC Radio: St. John's Morning Show - "Environmental Audit"- December 8, 2010

News Video: "Gannets Migrating Into Danger"- November 21, 2010

CBC Radio: St. John's Morning Show- November 4, 2010

CBC News: "BP Spill Threatens a Third of Canadian Gannets"- October 21, 2010

CBC Radio: As It Happens - "Birds-oil View"- October 21, 2010

CBC Radio: Fisheries Broadcast - "Sea Birds Affected by Oil Spill in Gulf"- July 28, 2010 (Dr. Montevecchi comes on at 17:43)

CBC Radio: The Current - "Sea Birds Affected by Oil Spill in Gulf"
July 28, 2010 (Dr. Montevecchi comes on at 11:57)

The Telegram - "Gulf Disaster Worries Bird Scientist"- July 15, 2010

Polar Exchange - Interview From the International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference- (Dr. Montevecchi comes on at 34:30) - June 10, 2010

CBC News - "Keep Mine Waste Out of Ponds: Activists"- June 4, 2010

Rotary Club Address - "Privilege and the Protection of the Great Grand Bank Ocean"- May 20, 2010

CBC News - "Drilling Plan Off Newfoundland Called Unsound"- May 6, 2010

CBC Radio Morning Show - "Oil Spills Impact"-May 6, 2010

CBC News - "Low Risk for Newfoundland Oil Disaster: Williams" - May 3, 2010

CLKB Radio: Ends of the Earth - "Five Reasons to Care About Arctic Seabirds"- January 25, 2010

CBC News - "Efforts to Save Distressed Duck in St. John's Fail"- January 8, 2010

Johnson GEO CENTRE public lecture - "Seabird Capitals: The Ecological Seabird Reserves of Newfoundland and Labrador"- October 27, 2009.

CBC Radio: NL Morning Show - "Lawn Islands Archipelago"- July 21, 2009

NTV News - "National Conservancy Gifts Province"- June 26, 2009

CBC Radio: Fisheries Broadcast - "The Funks: Bones, Seabirds and Ocean Conservation"- June 23, 2009

View the poster here

The Western Star - No Evidence of Gannet Nesting; Cape St. George Kittiwake Colonies Significant: Professor - May 27, 2009

CBC Radio: NL West Coast Morning Show - "Northern Gannets on the Port Aux Port Peninsula"- May 6, 2009

The Western Star - Boat Tours Could Settle Gannet Breeding Colonies Debate - May 1, 2009

CBC Radio: Fisheries Broadcast - "Lack of public information on oil spills at offshore platforms"March 10, 2009

CBC News - "Researchers feel cold shoulder as polar year project comes to a close"January 27, 2009

BBC News - "Warning as Seabird Breeding Fails" October 30, 2008

The Telegram Forum- Premier Williams' Broken Promise: The Sandy Pond Give-away- October 12, 2008

Related: Sudbury Human Health Risk Assessment

Related: Sudbury Community Soil Committee Media Release

Article: Offshore Hydrocarbon and Synthetic Hydrocarbon Spills in Eastern Canada: The Issue of Follow-up and Experience
By Gail Fraser & Joanne Ellis, in Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management

Press Release: "Predicted Number of Atallantic Offshore Oil Spills Exceeded"- September 15, 2008, The Alder Institute

CBC Radio Noon - "What areas of the province should be protected from development?"- September 11, 2008

CBC News - "Production affected by White Rose oil spill"- September 10, 2008

Parody: "The Front Fell Off"

CBC Radio Noon - "Economic Boom and Environmental Investment"
July 7, 2008, Dr. Bill Montevecchi

CBC News - "Ship dumped tonnes of oily bilge off Newfoundland, crew says"- May 2, 2008

CBC 'Interview: Wrecked Thick-billed Murres'- 2007, Dr. Bill Montevecchi

CBC 'Commentary on Bill C-15'- May 17, 2005, Dr. Bill Montevecchi

CBC 'Crosstalk'- April 18, 2005, Dr. Bill Montevecchi and Ian Jones

CBC, 'Quirks and Quarks - Great Auk Extinction'- Jan 01, 2004

CBC News - Record spill at Terra Nova under scrutiny- November 22, 2004

CBC News - Feds failing to protect the ocean: biologist- August 7, 2003

For decades of extraordinary and selfless efforts for appreciation
and protection of the natural environment and all its creatures and plants, Dr. Allan Stein was awarded the 2010 Tuck - Walters Award at the Annual Meeting of the Newfoundland and Labrador Natural History Society in March 2010.

Lieutenant Governor John Crosby awarding Dr. Jon Lien with the Order of Canada, 10 July 2008. For more photos of the ceremony, please click here.


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