Biology 3950 - FUndAmenTAls of GeneTiC BioTeChnoloGy

     [Formerly Biol4900]

Dr H. Dawn Marshall                  Dr Steven M. Carr          

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This is a course in modern genetics, genomics and bioinformatics
    and a hands-on introduction to
advanced techniques in modern genetic research.

        Course Overview
        Course Schedule
(updated 23 April 2010)

Background & Review: Primer of Biotechnology

                                                   References [updated 02 May 2010]

Dr Marshall’s Section: Introduction, DNA Extraction, PCR, & Sequencing
        Dr Marshall’s Notes & Protocols

Dr Carr’s Section: Alternative Technologies & Sequence Analysis
        Dideoxy sequencing
        Genomes, Microarrays, and DNA Chips
        Data Extraction & Analysis
        Final exam questions: Q6

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