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Dr. Dawn Marshall

Assistant Professor

BSc (Hons) Memorial University, PhD University of Toronto

Office SN2102 (864-7677) Laboratory SN3123 (864-2000)



Wildlife Genetics and Genomics and Molecular Evolution in Non-Model Organisms

I investigate the tempo and mode of DNA evolution in different non-model organisms along three interconnected trajectories: 1) gene discovery and mutational analysis 2) the evolutionary history of mutations and rates and patterns of evolution of genes and genomes and 3) the evolutionary histories of organisms inferred from genetic variation. Using these themes, I explore the evolutionary genomics of different species, particularly those of conservation or management interest in Newfoundland & Labrador. I am also interested in forensic and ecological applications of DNA technology.


I teach BIOL 3950/7931 (Research Methods in Genetic Biotechnology) as a fall semester full-term course and as a winter semester three-week intensive course.

In the past I have taught BIOL 1001 (Principles of Biology I), BIOL 4250 (Evolutionary Genetics), BIOL 2040 (Modern Biology and Human Society I), BIOL 2900 (Principles of Evolution and Systematics), and BIOC 2100 (Principles of Genetics and Molecular Biology). I have also given two-week modules in BIOL 4651/7944 (Conservation in Practice).