Feeding 9 Billion

Join the Centre for Social Enterprise on November 17 & 18 for the FEEDING 9 BILLION CHALLENGE

Location: Memorial University, St. John’s Campus
Participants: Undergraduate and Graduate Students at Memorial University
Members of the general public are invited to attend the presentations and awards on Saturday, Nov. 18 in EN4000, starting at 3:00pm


Deadline to register is Wednesday, November 15th


What is Feeding 9 Billion?
Feeding 9 Billion (F9B) is a challenge event designed for university students to engage in innovative thinking and design towards solutions to food insecurity in their local contexts. This could include everything from campus food banks to food insecurity issues in their communities. Originating from the University of Guelph, the F9B Challenge has been held at six other Canadian universities, with Memorial University being the seventh.

How does it work?

Students interested in attending register using the link above. Some students may arrive with an idea already in mind, while others may come and join another team. Throughout the weekend, teams work with mentors to develop their ideas to present at the end of the challenge.

Ideas might include social enterprise ideas, research initatives, or any other innovative solutions towards food security in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Teams will have five minutes to present their ideas to a panel of judges, who then score teams based on a set of criteria (to be released).

Prizes Include:

• Seed Funding
- 1st place: $1000, 2nd place: $750, 3rd place: $500
• Coaching and mentorship from the CSE and other individuals/organizations.
• Working Space
• Access to online training modules

How does this challenge support solutions for food insecurity?

The first step towards any solution is providing opportunities for dialogue. This challenge – while seeking ideas from students – primarily serves to educate post-secondary students on topics of food insecurity within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. This, in combination with the prizes awarded to winning teams will provide a setting for proposed initiatives to get started!


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