A certificate in social enterprise and social innovation



Deadline to Register is September 21st


The IMPACT certificate is an eight module program designed to educate and inspire potential social entrepreneurs. This program focuses not only on the business aspect of social enterprise, but also the social responsibility and justice that these types of organizations stand for. The modules are designed to have participants understand the technical aspects of social enterprise and entrepreneurhip as well as promote innovative thinking towards solutions to persisting social and environmental issues. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students of Memorial University of all disciplines and back grounds.


What you will do:

  • Participate in sessions that focus on exploring social enterprise and social innovation 
  • Listen to knowledgable and experienced presenters in every session
  • Focus on a topic of interest with the goal of finding innovative and sustainable solutions 
  • Interact and collabrate with a multi-disciplinary group, in which you will work with throughout the program 
  • Explore the definition of social enterprise and social innovation
  • Present your work based on the toic of interest, as a group, to the audience 

What you will learn:

As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what social enterprise and social innovation is.
  • Understand the role social enterprise plays in society.
  • Apply concepts of Human-Centred design to their solution framework.
  • Be motivated to make a personal contribution to social change.
  • Be comfortable working in a multi-disciplinary group. 


Social Enterprise 101 - Sept. 25

Mapping the SE Model - Sept. 27

Mapping the System - Oct. 2

Human-Centred Design - Oct. 4

Sustainability - Oct. 11

Social Change Leadership - Oct. 16

Measuring Social Impact - Oct. 18

Presentations - Oct. 23


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