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Chris Martin



M.A. Sociology - Memorial University of Newfoundland 2012 (Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies 2012)

B.A. (Sociology, Criminology Certificate), Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2010

Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Riggins
Committee: Dr. Liam Swiss, Dr. Mark Stoddart

Thesis Title (tentative)

Tattooed Lives: Contemporary Body Art Practices in Canada


After finishing a preliminary study into the tattooed world in my M.A. thesis Tattooed Minds: Expressing the Self through Shapes and Lines, I plan to further my exploration into the indelible practice of tattooing. By studying tattoos and the people behind them, my Ph.D. work will focus on the social psychological aspects of the themes of permanence, modernity, occupations, and sociological theory. Tattoos are a sign of permanence in impermanent times; they are mementos of love and loss. Memories will fade more quickly than the ink of tattoos. I wish to explore what all this means to those who devote their bodies, mind, and self, to the practice of marking their skin with ink in my future research.

Research Interests

* Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory
* Symbolic Interactionism
* Sociology of Art and Culture
* Physical Culture Studies

Recent Publications

Martin, Chris William (2012). "Tattoos as Narratives: Skin and Self." Public Journal of Semiotics (forthcoming).

Martin, Chris William (2012). "Interpreting Polysemy: Meaning and Identity Explored Through Local Tattoo Enthusiasts." In Fogel (Eds), Imaginative Inquiry: Innovative Approaches to Interdisciplinary Research (revise and resubmit).

Martin, Chris William (2012). If Their Stories are True, Their Truth is a Story. Sociology on The Rock Volume 8.