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Christine Knott



B.A. (Honors Women's Studies/Anthropology), McGill, 2007
Master in Women's Studies, Memorial University, 2009


Dr. Barbara Neis
Dr. Nicole Power

Thesis Title (working title)

Fishing Processing and Aquaculture in British Columbia and Newfoundland: A comparative social ecological study


The fishing industries in both Newfoundland and British Columbia have experienced significant restructuring and stock decline as well as increased aquaculture in recent years. Through comparative case studies in both regions, my research will investigate how these larger shifts in the industry may be affecting seafood processing work and workers, and how fish processing plants are responding to these changes. Specific attention to health (community, occupational and individual) and intersections of gender/race/class/age/and disability, via a feminist social-ecological theoretical framework, aims to highlight how macro level structural changes may affect workers and communities.

Research interests

Natural Resources