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Kelly Greenfield


Supervisory committee

Dr. Peter Sinclair
Dr. Robert Hil
Dr. Larry Felt

Thesis Title

Fish Ponds and Rice Paddies: The Governance of Aquacultural Development in Rural Cambodia


My research project focuses on the governance practices of various organizations involved in the regime of development regarding the implementation and regulation of various forms of aquacultural technology. I investigate how this regime of development, in pursuit of the United Nation's Millennium Goals to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, attempts to govern the aquacultural practices of rice and fish farmers through the dissemination of a range of technologies.

Worldwide fisheries are predicted to collapse by 2048, however, aquaculture is an emerging industry in many 'developing' countries. While there is a growing body of literature addressing the technical and economic aspects of aquaculture and development in rural Cambodia, the social and cultural aspects are still relatively unexplored. My research project draws upon ten months of fieldwork conducted at O'Saray Commune in the Tram Kak district of Takeo Province, Cambodia, and will begin by discussing how the commitment to technology as a catalyst to development often ignores important issues, such as who has access to control over technology, and who decides what is 'appropriate' technology. Next, I will challenge the notion that technology can be introduced or developed without affecting social relations. Additionally, I examine the social, cultural and economic implications of the incorporation of various forms of technology into the aquacultural practices of rural rice and fish farmers in Cambodia.

Research Interests

International Development
The United Nations
Sociological Theory