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Kathy Fitzpatrick
Office: 3049 Bruneau Centre, MUN
Ph: 709-864-7242
Fax: 709-864-7257



B.A. (Geography), Simon Fraser University
M.A. (Geography), Simon Fraser University


Dr. Barbara Neis
Dr. Nicole Power

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Linda Cullum
Dr. Lynda Harling-Stalker, St. Francis Xavier University

Thesis Title

Mobilities, Work, and Health: A comparative study of Newfoundland intraregional and interprovincial home care workers


One of the fastest growing areas of employment is home care work, but there is little research that examines how the mobilities of this predominantly female occupation may affect the working conditions and health of workers. My research is a comparative study of the mobilities, work and health of two groups of home care workers living on the island of Newfoundland. The first group resides and works in the St. John's Census Metropolitan Area and their work mobilities range from a single daily intraregional commute to multiple commutes throughout the day between client's homes. The second group resides in Southwest Newfoundland and experiences longer commutes for extended periods of time for live-in home care employment in Nova Scotia.

Research Interests

home care work
gender and work
gender and health
occupational health and safety
precarious work
space and place


2011 "Where the Women Went: A Closer Look." Paper presented at Women's Worlds 2011 4 June, 2011, University of Ottawa, Ontario.

2010 "In Sickness and In Health: A Critical Literature Review of Canadian Home Care Workers' Health Issues." Poster session presented at: CARWH 2010 Conference Worker Health in a Changing World of Work: 28-30 May, Toronto, Ontario.

2003 The Ties that Bind: Canadian Union Workplace Literacy Programs." Paper co-presented with Dr. T. Nesbitt, SFU at the 3rd International Conference on Researching Work and Learning , Tampere, Finland

2003 "Spaces of Hope: Union Initiated Workplace Literacy Programs." Paper presented at the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference, University of Victoria.

2001 "Unions and Workplace Literacy in Canada." Paper co-presented with Dr. T. Nesbitt at the 2nd International Conference on Researching Work and Learning, University of Calgary.

1999 "Juggling Productive and Reproductive Activities: The Use of Space and Time by Homeworkers." Paper presented at the Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference,

1997 "Hidden Spaces, Hidden Workers: Outputting in Southwestern British Columbia." Paper presented at the Pacific Coast of American Geographers Conference.

1996 "Behind Prison Bars: The Production of Dreamcatchers, Earring and More." Paper presented at the Association of American Geographers Conference, Charlotte North Carolina.

1996 "Made in Canada: Revealing the Homeworkers Behind the Label." Paper presented at the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference, University of Saskatchewan.