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Linda Cohen

Per-term Instructor (and Ph.D. candidate, Memorial University)


Personal website 

Sociological Specialties/Areas of Interest

  • Work and professions
  • Health and occupational health
  • Education
  • Family studies
  • Gender
  • Post-secondary pedagogy
  • Distance education pedagogy

Linda Cohen regularly teaches Principles of Sociology (1000) and the Sociology/Anthropology of Families (2270) at the St. John's campus. In conjunction with Distance Education at Memorial, she teaches the Sociology/Anthropology of Families (2270) and the Sociology of Health (3307) online. The online courses involve the extensive development of course materials for publication at MUN (course directions, lecture notes, activities, and collections of readings). Linda Cohen sits on varying committees in Women's Studies and Sociology at Memorial.

Selected Publications

  • "Who's the best professor? Reflections on student evaluations of teachers": Online in the Sociology Department's Newsletter #7, Sociology on the Rock.
  • Online course manuals and collections of readings for Sociology/Anthropology of Families (S/A 2270) and Sociology of Health (Soci. 3307).
  • "Did I Choose to be Marginal? Structural Constraints on Individual Career Choice." In Linda Cullum, Carmelita McGrath, and Linda Cullum (Eds.) Weather's Edge: A Compendium of Women's Lives in Newfoundland and Labrador. St. John's: Killick Press.
  • "Labrador City by Design: Corporate Visions of Women." In Carmelita McGrath, Barbara Neis, and Marilyn Porter (Eds.) Their Lives and Times: Women in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Collage. St. John's: Killick Press.