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Qian Wei

Education: Southwest University, China Bachelor of Economics
Xiamen Univeristy, China Master of Economics

Supervisor Committee: Dr Anton Oleynik (supervisor), Dr Liam Swiss, Dr Michael Wernerheim

Thesis title: Chinese Institutions and Change

My current research is focused on the effect of China's authoritarian institutions on stability of Socio-economic development. After three decades' rapid economic growth, China's capitalist transformation is facing unprecedented challenges and whether China can maintain that growth is far from clear. The major role of institutions in a society is to reduce uncertainty by establishing a stable (but not necessarily efficient) structure to human interaction (North,1990). So the aim of my study is trying to find if China has adopted appropriate institutions to keep development stable and find a path for China to involve into efficient institutions ultimately.

Research Interests:
Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Institutional Economics