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Jillian Smith



B. A. – Honours Sociology; Minor Social Justice and Peace Studies, Western University, 2012

Studied abroad at The University of Leeds, UK – Sociology and Social Policy, 2011


Dr. Mark Stoddart (Supervisor); Dr. Nicole Power (Co-Supervisor)


I am a Research Assistant to Dr. Mark Stoddart, currently involved with the COMPON Project – a research project that seeks to analyze national media coverage of climate change policy.

My personal research focuses on how social practices of perpetual inequality manifest themselves into the physical structures of our built and “natural” environments, resulting in uneven geographical development, and the embeddedness of racialized, classed, hierarchized, and gendered disparities.

I am also interested in how spatial and social aspects of lived experienceare in constant “conversation” with one another – simultaneously producing and re-producing meanings of spaces, as well as effecting the interactions, behaviours and dynamics that co-exist within these spaces.

Research Interests:

Environmental Sociology;
Climate Justice/Climate Change;
Feminist Theory;
Sociology of Spaces;
Social Justice;
Everyday Life Studies;
Social Geography;

The Spatiality of (In)justices. Sociological Imagination: Western’s Undergraduate Sociology Student Journal:

Vol. 2: Iss. 1, Article 2. 2013.