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Soci 1000 – Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the concepts, principles, and topics of Sociology. This course is a prerequisite to most departmental courses.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Cohen; F11 - Lewis; F11 - Ottenheimer; F11 - Tenkorang; W11 - Stoddart


Soci 2100 – Social Inequality

Why are some people homeless and others fabulously rich? Why is it still difficult for some groups in Canada, like women and racialized people, to “move up” in the world? Learn sociological explanations for why social advantage and disadvantage are distributed so unequally within and across societies, and how people make sense of these inequalities. The answers may surprise you!

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Power


Soci 2120 – Technology and Society*

iPod, iPad, iPhone…we all want the newest tech gadgets, but have you thought about how all this technology has changed our lives and the lives of others? You’ll be introduced to ways sociologists make sense of the development and use of technology, and its implications for social relations, culture, and social change.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Ripley


Soci 2230 – Newfoundland Society and Culture*

Just because you live in Cupids or were born in Gander doesn’t mean you know everything about the place! Sociological perspectives on the history, events, ideas, and conflicts that have defined our province. (CFAs welcome too!)

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Lewis


Soci 2240 – Canadian Society and Culture

Canada is about more than just donuts, beer, hockey, and gay marriage – but they’re important just the same! Sociologists understand that these and other things shape Canadian culture, identity, and society. So put down your curling stone, slap a maple leaf on your backpack, and come find out who you really are!

Recent Course Outlines: W11 - Craig


Soci 2250 - Changing World

“May you live in interesting times.” Well, you do! Social change and global social problems continue to reshape our societies whether we like it or not. Globalization, sweatshop and child labour, anti-globalization movements, human trafficking, and the global “war on terror”: these and other phenomena affect all of us in our increasingly interconnected world. Find out more and be better prepared to face your future.

Recent Course Outlines: W12 - Swiss


Soci 2270 – Families *

We hear a lot these days about the “breakdown” of the family and all the social ills that its “failure” has apparently caused. But families take many different forms, and have been comprised of many different roles over time. So why all the hand-wringing? Find out how sociologists respond to these claims and more through sociological perspectives on the family.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Cohen


Soci 3040 – Methods of Social Research

This course provides elementary familiarization with the study of sociology. To this end various strategies for posing and answering sociologically grounded questions will be explored. We take you ‘behind the scenes’ of the research process to provide basic research skills and strengthen your capacity to critically read and evaluate the research-based writing of others. Included in this objective is elementary training in data collection (in-depth interviews, survey research) and analysis techniques (basics of SPSS). A laboratory component helps students acquire “hands on” experience performing research.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Oleinik/Ripley


Soci 3140 – Social Movements

#occupy MUN! Are you interested in protest, collective action, and social change? Social justice, human rights, and the environment? Then this course is for you. Discover why people join social movements, why some movements succeed and others fail, and how movements use technology and media to foster social change. Unite and be counted...or at least take the course!

Recent Course Outlines: Coming Soon


Soci 3150 – Classical Social Theory

This class serves as an introduction to the work of major 19th- and early 20th-century social theorists including Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Freud.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Riggins; F13 - Stanbridge


Soci 3160 – Contemporary Social Theory

This course entails an exploration of selected topics from issues in contemporary social theory, including theories of feminism, the state, the environment, culture, organization, and communication.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Crocker


Soci 3220 – Work and Society

How have work and workplaces changed over time? And how will they affect you as you enter the labour force? Find out, as you explore how globalization has affected work; its implications for the availability of good jobs and bad jobs; gender, “race,” and ethnicity in the professional workplace; and issues around immigrant workers. The world of work awaits you – get informed!

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Kaida


Soci 3320 – Terrorism and Society

“We have met the enemy and he is us” (Pogo, 1971). Terrorism only originates in places far removed from us, right? The reality is that terrorist tendencies are generated in a variety of social and political contexts, including our own. This course explores the social origins of terrorism and asks how aspects of our everyday behaviour and experience can contribute to its emergence.

Recent Course Outlines: W10 - Oleinik


Soci 3290 – Deviance

Thirty years ago, professors with tattoos raised eyebrows and suspicion, but chain-smoked in class. Now the first is common, while the second is illegal! Why? Find out as you learn sociological perspectives on deviance, behaviours that stray from the norm.

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Kenney F13 - Ricciardelli


Soci 3395 – Criminal Justice*

More and more of our tax dollars are being spent on policing, the justice system, prisons, and parole authorities to counter “crime.” Yet the human costs of criminalization, punishment, and victimization are left largely unaddressed by these formal controls. Learn about how this disjuncture ends up helping some but harming others, as you critically examine the place of the criminal justice system in our communities.

Recent Course Outlines: F13 - Ricciardelli

Soci 3420 – Sociology of Gender

The primary objective of this course is to develop a critical and sociologically grounded approach to the study of gender. What does it mean to study gender from a sociological perspective? Are there different ways of understanding this concept? Why is gender an important analytical tool?

Recent Course Outlines: F13 - Cullum


Soci 4071 – Social and Cultural Aspects of Health

Why has progress been so slow in combating global health problems like the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa? How do things like a country’s birth rate, average life expectancy, distribution of wealth, and migration patterns affect people’s health? What role does culture plays in shaping disease and illness? Are we all doomed to die of some virulent disease that will someday sweep the globe? Well, sociology can’t answer the last question, but we can offer explanations for why health and wellbeing varies so dramatically across groups and regions. Come learn some of them.

Recent Course Outlines:


Soci 4100 – Internship

Use your knowledge of sociology in a work situation and pick up some marketable skills! The Internship is a supervised (unpaid) field placement for academically strong third- or fourth-year sociology majors. Develop the basic skills you’ll need for employment in nonprofit organizations in the social services. Who said sociology can’t get you a job?

Recent Course Outlines: Coming Soon

 Soci 4208 – Gender, Poverty and Homelessness

This course is designed as an interdisciplinary undergraduate seminar examining issues confronting women and men living in poverty, the development of relevant social policy, and the provision of adequate and affordable housing in Canada and Newfoundland & Labrador. We will learn more about the Canadian welfare state and it's less privileged citizens, examine theoretical explanations for social attitudes regarding poverty and the interlocked issues of health, quality of life and homelessness.

Recent Course Outlines: W13 - Cullum

Soci 4210 - The Sociology of Child Sexual Abuse

This course provides an introduction to the sociological understanding of child sexual abuse and focuses on some of the key issues and debates that typically concern social scientists in this area

Recent Course Outlines: F11 - Ottenheimer


Soci 4212 - Sociology of Policing

The Force. The Heat. The Thin Blue Line. Learn the interesting history of policing in Canada and about the complexities of policing in contemporary societies. Study sociological perspectives on issues such as policing under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, police powers of arrest and their use of force, racial profiling, policing domestic violence situations, and policing persons with mental illness.

Recent Course Outlines: W11 - Morris


Soci 4213 – Sociology of Sexuality

SEX! No really – we’re going to talk about sex. In a sociology course? Yep. Because sexual identities, desire, and activities are all shaped by the sociocultural context in which they are experienced. Come learn about what sociologists say about the tensions that can arise between sexual identity and gender expectations, the social control of sex and sexualities, and how we all contribute to social interpretations of sexuality and gender diversity.

Recent Course Outlines: W11 - Craig


SOCI 4230 - Gender & Development

Foreign aid and development initiatives are supposed to help everyone, but women are often prevented from fully realizing their benefits because of gender inequality. Explore development challenges that continue to affect men and women differently, and some of the things being done by the international community, development agencies, and civil society to address the risks to women arising from gender-based violence and conflict rape, sex trafficking, and the gendered effects of HIV/AIDS.

Recent Course Outlines: W12 - Swiss


* Indicates that this course may also be offered by distance in the current term.