Requesting enrolment verification letters

The School of Graduate Studies requires all graduate students seeking confirmation of enrolment letters to request those letters through Self-Service. Letters will be generated and sent to the student or third party as requested on the appropriate Self-Service form. Graduate students may select the option of picking up their letters at the School of Graduate Studies general office.

The confirmation of enrolment letters will include at a minimum the name and address of the recipient, your name, student number, address, status (full time or part time), semester of registration, start and end date of semester, program of study, area of specialization, department, admission semester, and year in program. It will also provide information on the expected time and the maximum time allowable to complete a degree.

Information including but not exclusive to scholarships, graduate fellowships, tuition and ancillary fees, language of instruction, travel plans, and anticipated date of program completion will no longer be included in these letters. In cases where confirmation of enrolment letters are used to support a specific application (e.g., for study permit extensions, travel visas, etc.), we ask that you consult with the appropriate decision-making offices to determine what other documents might be acceptable to them (e.g., Immigration inside Canada, 1-888-242-2100; external embassies,, or relevant country website, etc.).

International graduate students may also contact the International Student Advising Office (ISA) for advice on supplemental documents that may be used, or documents that are required to apply for study permit extensions, work permits, and visas. The ISA may be reached by email (, phone (864-8895), or online (

Questions on enrolment verification letters for graduate students should be directed to