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Current Students

“For every fact there is an infinity of hypotheses.”

~ Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, 1974

Science is a way of knowing.Danielle Leonard: Physics and Math major (MUN), Rhodes Scholar (Oxford)

Our programs, and our engaging and committed faculty and staff, expose you to the tools and techniques used by leading-edge scientists in areas as minute as sub-atomic particles, or as incomprehensibly vast as the expanding universe.

We have a growing reputation for ingenuity in research. Many of our graduates work as successful laboratory researchers, teachers and doctors. However, they also work beyond the scope of traditional science in fields such as journalism, forensics and video game development.

Remember to sign up for a Major after completing 30 credit hours in the required subject areas, and consider joining the student society in your major subject. In the Faculty of Science, you must choose a major and you may choose an additional minor if desired. If your proposed Major has specific admission requirements, contact the department during your first year to make sure you are completing the admission requirements in the best way possible. All declared Majors and Honours students should consult their departmental undergraduate officer at least once a year, too. Once you begin the final year of your academic program, you should ensure that you are completing all the program requirements for your degree program by requesting a program audit from the Registrar's Office.

Undergraduate Research News

Our students asked for more opportunities for summer research experience. To this end, the Dean of Science is sponsoring a Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) program again this year. SURA is the same type of employment as the NSERC USRA except that the funding comes from the Dean of Science instead of NSERC. If you are a Memorial University Science student and your NSERC USRA application to do research within the Faculty of Science this year was determined to be eligible but not successful, you are automatically a candidate in the 2014 SURA competition. NOTE: this does not guarantee that you will receive a SURA, only that you are entered in the SURA competition. Competition for the 22 SURA awards is strong this year. Successful SURA students in this competition are being notified by email on April 7-9, as well as students on the wait list for SURA. If you become selected for SURA please submit the acceptance form to the Dean of Science as soon as possible after receiving notification.