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Enhanced extraction in N.L.'s first heavy oil field

Luis Valencia

Researchers at Memorial University are looking towards the future to come up with new enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods to extract more oil out of the unique Hebron field, the first heavy oil field in the province.



Positive footprint

Bethany Downer

When geography student Bethany Downer became inspired to start a non-profit organization while attending the 2014 Impact Youth for Sustainability conference in Guelph, Ont., she couldn’t have anticipated the impact her decision would have.


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Canadian climate change scientist co-hosting panel discussion on climate change

Dr. Catherine Potvin, Canada Research Chair in Climate Change Mitigation and Tropical Forests and a professor of biology at McGill University, will be at Memorial on Friday, April 17, at 4 p.m. in SN-2025 for a Biology Graduate Student Association panel discussion on climate change.

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