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Researchers work with Inuit to develop plant-based business

Rose Root

Researchers at Memorial and Montreal Botanical Garden are working with Inuit Elders from communities in Northern Labrador to develop a small-scale business enterprise based on a plant that grows in northern coastal regions of the world.



Maternal consumption of omega-3 may prevent neurological disorders in offspring

Dr. Sukhinder Kaur Cheema and Kayode Balogun

Formed during late pregnancy and early post-natal periods, the brain relies heavily on the accumulation of DHA, a clasic form of omega-3, which can only be obtained through the mother's diet.

Researchers at Memorial are studying whether or not increased consumption during those times can help prevent neurological diseases or disorders in offspring later in life.

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Researcher honoured for outstanding dissertation paper

Dr. Amy Hurford

Dr. Amy Hurford has won the R.A. Fisher Prize from the Society for the Study of Evolution.

The award is presented annually for an outstanding PhD dissertation paper published in the journal Evolution during a given calendar year.

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