Researcher featured on Land and Sea

Feb 4th, 2011

Kelly Foss

Photo courtesy of CBC.
Researcher featured on Land and Sea

A professor from the Department of Earth Sciences was featured recently on CBC Television’s Land and Sea. The show, ‘True Blue’ will focus on the rock they call Blue Eyes – Labradorite.

Last June, Dr. Derek Wilton, travelled with CBC reporter, Jane Adey to Taber Island, just outside of Nain to visit the Grenfell Quarry, where most Labradorite comes from.

“I had always thought the quarry had been developed in the 1960s, but when we got there ‘Grenfell Quarry’ was carved in the rock,” explained Dr. Wilton. “It turns out the quarry was developed in the 1930s by a group of geologists from the States who were trying to make money for the Grenfell Mission.

“They found this place and blasted it and when you go there you can still see some of the equipment they used to pull the rock out,” he added. “Apparently most of the Labradorite in major museum collections in the United States came from that expedition from this one little quarry. So it was nice to go there and find out a little bit of history I didn’t know about.”

Airing on CBC Television, the Land and Sea episode is also archived online at


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