Science retiree wins Royal Astronomical Society award
Kelly Foss
Chris Stevenson and Fred Smith

Congratulations to Fred Smith, retired from the Dean of Science office, on receiving the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Service Award.

The award is given to a member in recognition of outstanding service rendered over an extended period of time, where such service has had a major impact on the work of the Society and/or of a Centre of the Society.

The award is given only by resolution of the National Council, on recommendation of the Awards committee. Only 136 have been awarded since 1959. The award was announced at the RASC General Assembly in Edmonton in June 2012 and presented in St. John's at a dinner hosted by the St. John's Centre of the RASC.

Chris Stevenson (left), president of the St. John's RASC, presented the medal to Fred Smith.

Nov 5th, 2012

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