Faculty of Science News

Alison Malcolm

Nearly $7-million in new federal funding will accelerate more than 50 individual research projects on three of Memorial’s campuses in areas ranging from resource management to ocean sciences to enhanced oil recovery.


Memorial’s state-of-the-art Core Science Facility has received $125 million in joint federal-provincial funding, an unprecedented level of support that will significantly advance Memorial’s teaching, learning and research capacity across multiple disciplines.


Dr. Chris Kozak

Dr. Fran Kerton has been watching the construction of the new Core Science Facility on the St. John’s campus with interest.

The chemistry professor will be moving into the facility when it is completed in 2019, and her twitter feed, @ChemMouse, often features photos of the latest progress on the site.


Nathalie Vanasse and Matt Keels

On July 1, when most Canadians are gearing up for Canada Day celebrations, Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will be marking a more somber event–the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Three Memorial University staff members and a student will be among those gathering for commemoration events at the Newfoundland Memorial in Beaumont-Hamel, France.


Directional signage

Some students have a career lined up after convocation.

But many students detest the dreaded question: “So, what are your plans after graduation?”

Searching for a job can become a full-time job in itself, especially since at least 70 per cent of jobs are not formally advertised, says Kristen Roberts, career development co-ordinator for the Faculty of Science.


Dr. Sean Leroux

Newfoundland and Labrador is a hot-spot for visitors but a research team has uncovered just how popular the island portion of the province is for non-native terrestrial mammals.

Cole Walsh

Cole Walsh didn’t come to Memorial University with the intention of doing research. In fact, he’d be the first to tell you he didn’t even know what research was when he started his undergraduate degree at Grenfell Campus.

Sandra Parsons, Laura Fallon, Marshal Rodrigues and Olivia Cleary.

For the second year in a row, psychology graduate students from Memorial University are competing in the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Student Evaluation Case Competition finals.

Mark Stacey

Every two weeks, in a computer lab on the St. John’s campus, a group of dedicated programmers get together to share their knowledge and skills with the general public.

Code Club is just one service provided by CodeNL, a group dedicated to improving computer programming education in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Tanaya Chatterjee

Tanaya Chatterjee loves The Duke of Duckworth pub, 120s, moose, salt fish and Jigg’s dinner and calls Newfoundland and Labrador home.

It doesn’t really matter to her that she was born in Calcutta, India, and has only lived in the province for three years while working on a doctor of psychology.


Dr. Aimée Surprenant

The search committee for the dean of the School of Graduate Studies has completed its work and has recommended Dr. Aimée Surprenant for the position.

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan is a numbers guy.

His enthusiasm for the patterns and theorems of mathematics combined with an interest in history has provided the St. John’s native with a perfect match for his abilities: the study of macroeconomics.


Drs. John and Margaret Brosnan

Dr. John (Sean) Brosnan has been inducted as a Fellow of the Texas Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS).

Dr. Danny Dyer, Dr. Christina Thorpe and Kim Myrick.

The Faculty of Science held a teaching and learning retreat to give faculty, sessional instructors and contractual employees the chance to talk about their discipline and relate some of their best teaching experiences, while sharing tips and tricks.

Alicia Morrey

Joshua Lehr and Alicia Morry are Memorial’s 2016 Killam Fellows.

Mr. Lehr, a third-year science student majoring in behavioural neuroscience and mathematics, has spent the winter semester at the University of Texas in Austin. Ms. Morry, a fourth-year student currently working on two degrees, a bachelor of science in earth sciences and a bachelor of arts (hons.) in archaeology, has just begun a semester at the University of Washington.


Nicholas Brown with Dr. Noreen Golfman

Nicholas Brown is a creative and critical thinker, an explorer and an adventurer, and is someone who persistently seeks the answers to questions that interest him in his field of study.

He is also the recipient of the inaugural Memorial University Award for Outstanding Self-directed Learning. 


Chelsea Bishop

Chelsea Bishop’s first few years at Memorial were tough ones.

The St. John’s resident was certain a biology degree was for her. But she struggled with classes and her grades were slipping, until she reached out for help.

Dr. Trevor Bell

University Research Professor Dr. Trevor Bell is the academic program lead for a new science report on Lake Melville that in part examines the human health risks associated with methylmercury exposure in Labrador from the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project.

Ross Connolly

Ross Connolly leads a double life.

By day the third-year graduate student is working towards a PhD in experimental clinical psychology, researching attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as it relates to substance abuse. However, at night he’s a successful entrepreneur, designing and manufacturing handmade boutique speakers and guitar cabinets.


Dr. Christopher Barnes

Some 2,500 degrees will be awarded to graduating Memorial University students during 12 sessions of convocation at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre on May 12 and at the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre from May 31-June 3.

Dr. Sean Brosnan

Dr. John (Sean) Brosnan has been inducted as a Fellow of the Texas Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS).

Chemistry group

Tucked away in a small well-used lab along the ground floor of the Chemistry-Physics Building, a trio of eager young scientists have big plans to transform the province’s oil industry.