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Dr. Edward (Ted) Miller holding a Wilsonís snipe. PHOTO: TIAGO RODRIGUES

Imagine a 10-ton dinosaur cooing like a dove. Such a low-pitched sound could have travelled for long distances, like the hoots of large owls or calls of howler monkeys.

St. John's Campus

Six Memorial University professors have been accorded the honour reserved for highly distinguished faculty members.

The six individuals will be publicly recognized as professores emeriti at a future session of convocation.


Core science building rendering

Memorial University has cancelled the major construction tender for its Core Science Facility (CSF) because the bids received for this work were higher than expected.

From left are Dr. Sheila Garland, Kathleen Wall, Rebecca Collins and Hilary Power.

Bright and early on Sunday, July 24, Dr. Sheila Garland, a number of her students and all of the Team Memorial participants will be at the starting line in Paradise for the 89th annual Tely 10 road race.



Emily Wells

Researchers at Memorial are encouraging people to do their part to help protect the ocean and environment.

An interdisciplinary team led by Dr. Max Liboiron, Sociology; Dr. Paul Winger, Marine Institute (MI); and Dr. Josh Lepawsky, Geography, were at the MI’s flume tank on Wednesday, July 13, to test new surface trawls, invented by Memorial to monitor marine plastics.


Emma Quinlan's winning artwork, Darwinís Perspective.

Biomedical sciences and art are not two things that normally fit together.

But from July 7-8, the Faculty of Medicine did just that. BioMedicine 2016 is a symposium that highlights research by graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate trainees in biomedical sciences. The illustration and artwork competition is a component of the symposium that gives researchers the opportunity to present their work with an artsy twist.


Case competition winners

The second time was the charm for a team of psychology graduate students vying for the national title in the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Student Evaluation Case Competition finals recently.

Olivia Cleary, Laura Fallon, Sandra Parsons and Marshal Rodrigues, along with last minute addition Lauren Matthews, are all masters of applied psychological science (MAPS) students. They took top honours at the society’s annual conference, this year in St. John’s in early June, beating out two other teams from the University of Guelph and the University of Saskatchewan.


Military surgical ward

Private George Joseph Stone’s misfortune was to have much of his face shot off.

As horrific an event it was, in actuality, the timing was fortuitous.

The young Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldier was almost fatally injured at Beaumont-Hamel on July 1st, 1916. But due to a “lucky” coincidence, a New Zealand surgeon named Harold Gillies had recently begun asking for those with severe facial injuries to be sent to him in England for treatment.


Dr. Chris Darimont

When people think of predators, they often think of wolves or sharks, maybe spiders. Few would identify our own species as a predator.

At an upcoming public lecture on Thursday, July 7, Dr. Chris Darmiont, University of Victoria will argue that not only do humans function as predators, but their impact is one of a ‘super predator’ – a predator of predators, one with the largest menu list on the planet and especially impactful in the oceans.

Greg Malone

When Greg Malone was approached to get involved with the upcoming Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) conference in St. John’s, it was an easy decision to become involved.