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Successful Kickstarter campaign to back student-developed visual novel

Dysfunctional Systems

It’s a good chance that not many undergraduate students will cross the stage in May at the head of their own international interactive media development studio, and with the support of a number of individuals ready to finance the next phase of their life.

Jeremy Miller is in just such an enviable position.



Proposed uranium mine creates opportunity for unique research collaboration

Dr. Atanu Sarkar and Dr. Derek Wilton

Ordinarily Dr. Derek Wilton, a professor Earth Sciences, might not be expected to have much in common, with Dr. Atanu Sarkar, a public health physician in the Faculty of Medicine.

But a potential uranium mine in Labrador is bringing together these two very different researchers at Memorial.

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$2.3 million to overcome challenges in oil and gas sector

An announcement of $2.3 million investment in 17 Memorial-led R&D projects was made on the St. John’s campus July 8. The projects will address opportunities and challenges related to harsh and Arctic environments.

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