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Board of Regents approves concept design for core sciences facility

Core Sciences building

The Board of Regents has approved the concept design for the future core sciences facility.

The design was one of three put forward by the building’s internal steering committee following months of discussions with HOK Canada, the prime consultant on the project.




Remembering history - 50th anniversary of Grand Banks sea adventure


In the life of every university there are legends – tales of high adventure and discovery – some passed on from generation to generation, some lost in the passage of time. This summer marked the 50th anniversary of one of those events.

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Memorial to showcase oceans research at international conference in St. John's

Researchers from across Memorial University will showcase the latest oceans research and technology at an international conference in St. John’s this week.

The Oceans ‘14 Marine Technology Society/ Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (MTS/IEEES) Conference will bring together leading experts from around the world to address challenges and identify solutions related to oceans. 


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