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International Entrance Scholarships

Our international entrance scholarships are automatically awarded. That means, once you have applied to Memorial, if you meet the criteria, you will automatically be considered for a scholarship, no additional application is necessary. The top applicants, academically, from each region, will be offered a scholarship valued at either $3000 or $4400. Those successful in obtaining a scholarship will be notified, along with their acceptance to Memorial University.

Please see below for information from Memorial's calendar:

The Memorial University of Newfoundland International Entrance Scholarship:
These scholarships have been established by Memorial University of Newfoundland as part of an agreement by the Board of Regents, in May 2003, that a portion of the tuition fees for international undergraduate students would be set aside for International Scholarships. To be considered for these scholarships, a student must be eligible to pay the full international undergraduate fee, must register for at least 9 credit hours in each of two semesters in their first academic year at Memorial University of Newfoundland, should normally have fewer than 31 credit hours of transfer credits and meet scholarship standing (comparable to that prescribed for Newfoundland and Labrador and Canadian applicants). These scholarships will be awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards on the basis of a recommendation from the Director, Office of Student Recruitment.

International Entrance Scholarships are non renewable scholarships for a students' first year of study.  International Students are eligible for most continuing undergraduate scholarships beyond their first year of studies.  Most scholarships require students to be in scholarship standing. Scholarship standing for undergraduate students is defined as a 75% average at the end of two out of the last three semesters at Memorial University in the previous scholarship year and the successful completion of not less than thirty credit hours in those two semesters.  Students who fail one or more courses in a scholarship year will not be eligable for scholarships. Not all students who meet the above definitions of scholarship standing will receive a scholarship.  Students should declare a Faculty and/or Major as early as possible if they wish to be considered to certain faculty-specific undergraduate scholarships.

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