Completed M.A. Theses

Below are recent theses and projects that have been successfully defended by our Master of Arts students:

"The Impact and Perception of Islam and Authority Online Among Muslim University Students in St. John's, NL" by Liam Harvey-Crowell, 2015. 

"Addressing Multiculturalism in the Newfoundland and Labrador Multiculturalism Policy and in the Everyday Lives of Muslims in St. John's, NL" by Jennifer Williams, 2015.

"Community and the Colonial Church: An Examination of the Church of England's Establishment of its First Missions in Southern Labrador, 1848-1876" by Rebecca F. Ralph, 2014.

" 'As Commander of the Army of the Lord I Have Now Come': Joshua 5:13-6:27 as War Narrative in Context" by Trevor Pomeroy, 2014.

"Getting to Reconciliation: Lonergan and Religious Conflict in Transformation" by Rachel Courey, 2014.

"Scapegoat, Sacrifice, or Saviour: An Examination of the Outsider in the Mahabharta" by Micheline Hughes, 2014.

"Where Were You When I Laid the Foundations of the Earth? Creation as Unfinished in the God’s Speech to Job" by Emily Worsley, 2013.

"Ain’t No Spook God: Religiosity in the Nation of Gods and Earths" by Pamela Andrews, 2013.

"Social Stigma: How the Broom Closet Affects the Pagan Experience" by Allyson Hickman, 2012.

"The Eschatology of Newfoundland and Labrador's Early Pentecostals: Jesus Is Coming Soon. 1910-1949" by David Newman, 2012.

"Christianity, Conservatism, and Capitol Hill: How the Evangelical Christian Beliefs of the Harper Cabinet Affect Public Policy in Canada" by Lisa Walters, 2012.

"There and Back Again: The Divergent Paths of Frodo in Lord of the Rings" by Christopher MacDougall, 2012.

"Fire: The Elemental Nature of the Draupadi" by Jessica Ford, 2012.

"Reciprocal Justice: Morality and God in the Work of Tertullian of Carthage" by Dwane Randell, 2012.

"'Give Me a Moravian Establishment': The Failure of Methodist Missionary Efforts in Central Labrador, 1824-1828" by Peter Laing, 2011.

"From Gurdjieff to Gremlins: Teaching Methods of a Present-Day Fourth Way School" by Elizabeth Ross, 2011.

"The Post-Conversion Social Experiences of New Muslims in St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador" by Meagan White, 2011.

"Drowning in My Dreams. X/1999: The Modern Myth and the Constraints of Gender Constructs" by Danny Howlett, 2011.

"Reclaiming Dinah: A Feminist-Literary Analysis of Genesis 34:1-9" by Lael Aucoin, 2011.

"The Saint of Pure Love: Examining Catherine of Genoa's Mystical Doctrine of Purgatory" by Michael Monteith, 2011.

"The Simpsons Project" by Mark Crossan, 2011.

"The Origins and Place of the Temple Scroll in the Qumran Corpus" by Avrum Richler, 2011.

"Walter Rauschenbusch and Oliver Jackson: A Comparative Study in the Social Gospel Tradition" by Bruce Kearley, 2011.

"The Light and the Night: An Ethnographic Examination of Spiritual Warfare" by Andrew Monteith, 2010.

"'My Name is Legion: An Exploration of the Meaning of the Story of the Gerasine Demoniac in Marks 5:1-20" by Linda Scott, 2010.

"The Methodist 'Authoritarian Fiction' of George Bond" by Carla Briffett, 2010.

"Feminist Theology, Christianity, and the Problem of Patriarchy: Toward an Alternative Perspective" by Danielle Bishop, 2010.

"Implicit Religion in Canadian Film: A New Frontier" by Christopher Yungblut, 2010.

"Religious Belief in the Thought of Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington" by Renate Kandler, 2009.

"The Body/ies of the Faithful: A Corporeal Ethnography of Canadians on a Roman Catholic Marian Pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia" by Sebastien Despres, 2009.

"The Tower of Babel: A Literary Examination of Genesis 11:1-9" by Raelene Keating, 2009.

"Locke's Inheritors: An Examination of the Theological Underpinnings of the Letter Concerning Toleration and Its Implications for the Modern Dilemma of Religious Toleration" by Matt Sheedy, 2008.

"How High Was He? The Religious Thought and Activity of Edward Feild, Second Church of England Bishop of Newfoundland (1844-1876)" by Sherri Sanderson, 2007.

"The Flame That Enkindles All: Francisco de Osuna, the Exercise of Recollection, and the Overarching Law of Love" by Bradley Wolcott, 2007.

"Alternative Medicine as Modern Magic: A Study of Spiritual Manual Techniques" by Karlie King, 2006.

"Evangelicalism in the Anglican Church in Nineteenth-Century Newfoundland" by Heather Russell, 2006.

"The Art of Hermes: 1 John's Defence of the Johannine Tradition" by Gail Winsor, 2005.

"A Nature-Based Religion in the City: Contemporary North American Pagan Relationships with Urban Environments" by Mandy Furney, 2004.

"Prophet in a Righteous Land: George W. Bush's Rhetoric and the Hebrew Bible" by Catherine Walsh, 2004.

"Job's 'Restoration': An Ascetic Misinterpretation of the Epilogue of the Book of Job" by Ian Sherwood, 2004.

"Windows on a Medieval World: Medieval Piety as Reflected in the Lapidary Literature of the Middle Ages" by Richard Beinert, 2003.

"The Movies Shoulda Been Snow White but They Drifted': The International Federation of Catholic Alumnae Responds to the Movie Menace" by Eileen Brosnan, 2003.

"Feuerbachian Imagination and the Reversal of Hegelian Ontology in The Essence of Christianity (1841)" by Ben Carter, 2003.

"The Sacred in Art: An Interpretative Study of Bernard Lonergan's Theory of Art" by Joanne O'Neill, 2003.

"The Transformation from Existential to Theoretical Theodicy in the Work of Julian of Norwich" by Maureen Anonsen, 2003.

"Spiritual Concepts in Therapeutic Touch" by Barry Canning, 2002.

"The Genesis and Ecology Debate" by Daniel A. G. Gilroy, 2002.

"Method in Ecology: Bernard Lonergan and Catholic Environmental Ethics" by Janna Rosales, 2002.

"Jon Sobrino and the Quest of the Historical Jesus" by David Williams, 2002.

"Bernard Lonergan's Method and Religious Studies: Functional Specialities and the Academic Study of Religion" by Ian Bernard Brodie, 2001.

"'Doing the Truth' and the Conflict Within the Johannine Community" by Kayla V. Brett, 2001.

"Israel's Non-Entry into Messianic Salvation: Reflections on the Meaning of Romans 9-11 in the Light of Anti-Judaism" by Michele Lynn Gillingham, 2001.

"A History of SPG-Supported Schools in Newfoundland: 1701-1827" by Gay J. (Peddle) White, 2001.

"The Father, the Son, and the Beloved Disciple: Revelation and Self-Identity in the Fourth Gospel" by Elizabeth Williams, 2001.

"The Revival of the Occult Philosophy: Cabalistic Magic and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" by Alison L. Butler, 2000.

"'I Will Go and Return': Motion, Tension, and the Uncertainty of Salvation in the Language and Literary Structure of the Book of Hosea" by Matthew Mitchell, 2000.

"Religious Life in French Newfoundland to 1714" by Victoria Taylor-Hood, 2000.

"John 1:14a and Rudolf Bultmann's Hermeneutical Method" by Tim Labron, 1999.

"Jack Kerouac and the 'Beat' Sect of American Zen Buddhism" by Barry S. Jenkins, 1998.

"The Institutionalization of Experiential Religion: A Study of Newfoundland Pentecostalism" by William Paul Pinsent, 1998.

"Bless God and Die: An Examination of the Role of Job's Wife in the Masoretic Text of Job" by Sonya R. Meade, 1997.

"Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland Methodism as a Revitalization Movement" by Angela Robinson, 1997.

"'What was from the Beginning' (I John 1:1) The Priority of the Johannine Epistles and the Johannine Community" by Corinne C. Walsh, 1997.