by Alice Belle Garrigus


On our return to America we were both given schools in the city Bridgeport, Ct. Many wondered how it came about as there were many applicants, but the hand of God was in it. We both became members of the Congregational Church and were active in all church work.

The time was nearing when God was going to answer the cries of years for a victorious life. Through the conversion of her father, my friend was led into a humble little mission on Water Street, the worst part of the city. I tried in vain to prevent her from going. Often remaining awake to give her a piece of my mind on her return. She took it patiently and occasionally referred to drunken men getting saved and the great work done.

At last, my curiosity got the better of me, and laying aside my pride, I ventured in,I forgot about the drunkards and all else but my great need.

Great doors swing on small hinges, and certainly a great door was opening before me. The consecration was deep and thorough, and the Spirit witness to it. I began to tremble and thought it was a nervous chill. Those around me understood,and said,beseeching Him to let the heavenly fire go through my heart, sanctifying every part.

While in this blissful state, a little baby boy, son of the maid of the house, came whimpering along for a drink of water. The thought came to meshe has the Holy Ghost."

How changed was everything! Perfect love filled my heart, and I could only sing; "O, there is sunshine in my soul today."

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