by Alice Belle Garrigus


I was hungry for God and did not know it. Years before the rector of the Episcopal Church had called on me and told me I should be confirmed. Wanting to do the right thin I took his advice, was sprinkled, then confirmed by the Bishop laying hands on me, and my name was duly enroled on the church book. After that I had sought the Lord (and I believe He accepted me), but there was always a hunger for something I did not have.

About this time I received the present of a book, "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life." This I read■often on my knees, eyes blinded with tears■praying fervently: "O God, if there be such an experience, won't you bring me into it?"

During our stay in Europe we went to Switzerland, witnessing one of the grandest sights this world affords, that is, sunrise from Mt. Rigi of the Alps. From there we sailed up the Rhine■lined on both sides with many famous castles and noted vineyards. Stopping a few hours at Cologne we went to see the Cologne cathedr- al■said to be the most beautiful Gothic structure in the world. Its towers■more than five hundred feet■were at that time the highest in Europe. The view from the top was said to be one well worth the effort, so we decided to go without our dinner and take in the sight. My friend Gertrude went ahead and I followed. When within twelve steps from the top I became stubborn, refusing to go further. My friend went to the top, got the beautiful view■while I saw nothing.

God has often used this experience to show how useless to start unless we man to go through.

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