by Alice Belle Garrigus


Two young men whose home was in Bishop's Falls went to Canada and there came in touch with the Pentecostal people and received the Holy Ghost. Returning home, they began to pray earnestly that God would send some Pentecostal Workers to Bishop's Falls. It was not long before the answer came, God using our Bro. Herbert Eddy to open the work. From the beginning God set His seal on the work. Other Workers followed, each one contributing to the building up of the Assembly and in developing and solidifying the work till it has become a healthy assembly well grounded in the Word of God. A new parsonage has recently been built and the hall enlarged.

I was present at the opening and can say that from the first the Presence of God was very real.

A sister came to the meeting one night bringing her baby. When the call was made, she was so hungry for the baptism, that she handed the babe to a sister and went to the altar. It was nearly midnight before she thought of the baby and then reluctantly she took the little one and started for home. On her way the Lord baptized her with the Holy Ghost and she went staggering along the road, shouting and praising God.

A man who had retired heard her, and thinking a highway robbery was being committed or something worse, rushed to the window. His astonishment was great when he saw a lone woman, babe in her arms, shouting and praising God in other tongues. The next morning, speaking of it to one of the mission brothers, he said: "My! that must be a wonderful blessing." He was right, It is "joy unspeakable and full of glory." Someone asked a little five year old girl: "How do you know when you get the baptism?" "Why," she replied: "When you get the baptism you get the glory."

Shortly after the opening of the Grand Falls Assembly, I was there. One scene stands out before me very vividly. I had been endeavouring to make it clear that the Pentecostal message was distinct from all others. That the new wine could not be put into old bottles for when the wine began to work, the old bottles would burst. Suddenly the new wine began to work. The Spirit fell, and five young men were prostrated and within half an hour had received the Pentecostal baptism and were speaking in other tongues and magnifying the Lord. I was very glad we had a new Pentecostal mission to put the new wine in, otherwise it might have been disastrous. Blessed days followed of feasting on the Living and Written Word.

At another visit I was kneeling near an aged brother who was earnestly pleading for the baptism. Evidently he was trying to encourage himself with the thought that God is no respecter of persons, but instead, he was saying: "O Lord, I know you have no `respectable persons'." Both are true. Well, for us He is no respecter of persons, but it is equally true we must leave our "respectability" behind if we would walk with the meek and lowly Jesus, who made Himself of no reputation.

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