by Alice Belle Garrigus


Then followed days of looking for rooms and a suitable place to hold meetings. At the end of a week we removed to what is now the Brownsdale, then a private boarding house. Being strangers, and not knowing any real estate agencies it was not an easy task to get roomsthis, however, was only a small part of the amount needed, which was $500 down and $100 during the year, then $200 each year following. Looking to the Lord for guidance, He reminded me of Job's friends who each brought him a piece of money, and showed me I could write my friends, stating the circumstances and enclosing a self-directed envelope.

One day, four letters were in the box; and recognizing my own writing, I was so eager to see the contents, I sat down on the stairs and opened them. Then tears of joy began to flow. Each contained a cheque, varying from $25 to $50. This was an earnest of what was to follow. When the time came to make the first payment, I had $700 instead of the $500 required, and from that time God enabled me to keep ahead of all payments till the glad day that the mortgage was placed in my hands.

The lawyer, with whom I had been dealing, laid his hand on my shoulder, and said: "If you ever get into any trouble, call on me and I will get you out. I thanked him, and told him where I took my troubles. We parted good friends, and not long after he was called to get where there are no mortgages or title deeds.

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