by Alice Belle Garrigus


Nearly a year passed before I again saw my dear New Hampshire friends, and then not for long as God had a special path marked out for me.

During the year of my rejection in Rumney there was one home where I was always welcome, it was known as the Green Cottage. When the spirit fell the Shekman glory rested over this place in a special way. Many were baptized here, and Bro. and Sr. Bowan's home seemed to be the place of God's special visitation.

One morning a sister came in for prayer, breakfast was on the stove. She went down before the Lord and did not rise till six o'clock that night, when we had our first meal. The sister received her baptism and went away to help others to enter in. After supper a sister, Maud Griffith by name, came toward me filled with the Spirit. I knew God had a message for me, possibly a call, and my mind flew to China. The first words she said were: "You are looking too far." Then followed a message in tongues and the word. "NEWFOUNDLAND" came forth. At that word I bounded from my chair and went leaping and dancing and praising God.

Many things were brought out in the message, among them that I would love the people very dearly, that others would follow, that my fare would come, and that I was to go in November. All these things have been fulfilled.

It was in October, 1908, the message was given, and my first thought was that I should go the next month; but in waiting on the Lord, He made it plain that it was not THAT "November."

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