by Alice Belle Garrigus


There was one place that received a special visitation from God, and that was "El Nathan" in Grafton.

This old house, formerly an inn, had been the meeting place of God's children, and from the beginning the leader, Sr. Cora Barney, had stood for the present-day outpouring. God rewarded her by baptizing many in her assembly, as well as her own family and calling her son Jesse to Africa.

Ezekiel's river was indeed flowing and many in New England, as well as other parts of the world, found waters to swim in. They were "days of heaven on earth". Once again, it could have been said: "Behold how they loved one another".

Among the many incidents of those days, one stands out never to be forgotten. Bro. Wright was to go to Jefferson, at the foot of Mt. Washington, a beautiful town, the resort of many tourists, to dedicate a Pentecostal church.

Well authenticated reports were abroad, that if the people came to dedicate the building, it would be destroyed and bodily harm done to those taking part. This being the case, Bro. Wright advised only those to go who were willing to die for Jesus.

Quite a company went, and we assembled for services. Nothing unusual occurred till Saturday night.

In view of the full day on the morrow, we were about to close the meeting. Suddenly the door opened, and a number of the big boys burst into the room. The usher gave them seats. The Spirit came on a sister who arose and gave a message to the boys who were quite subdued under it, and when asked to raise their hands if they agreed, all hands went up.

At this moment the door opened, and a mob came in headed by a big six-foot spiritualist. They refused to sit and lined up at the rear of the hall. A sister who resided in the town, burst forth with a thundering rebuke in tongues. This frightened the boys who had been sent in to disturb the meeting, and they ran to the back of the room, hiding behind the men.

God's children came close together, advancing towards the mob and singing:-

As the hymn ended, the unexpected took place: a little girl of elevenwho had received the baptism, stepped out in front of the big infidel: Bible in hand, she opened the book and preached a powerful gospel sermon. The men stood spellbound unable to move, their heads bowed with shame and conviction, looking as though they would give anything to get away. God held them there till she had finished, then their leader snapped his fingers and they filed out of the room as orderly as any church congregation. As they went out, one was heard to say: "we ought to have done it when we first went in."

All the night before they had sat up planning what they would do. Hard snow balls had been made to pelt us with, and the building was to be demolished.

After they left we had a time of praising the Lord for the wonderful deliverance. When we went out, no trace of any one was to be seen, only the glorious moon light crowned those wonderful snow-capped mountains. All was peaceful and quiet. God's children were indeed victorious.

Satan was subdued but not conquered. Some weeks after, they came and blew up the building in the night. Bro. Wright had a fence built around it and placed the U.S.A. flag on the ruins, leaving it as a monument of shame to the town.

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