by Alice Belle Garrigus


The great camp meting broke up, but there were hungry ones who felt they could not leave till they received the baptism.

There was present, a Bro. Bartleman from Los Angeles. He had been in great travail of soul for a year, so much so, many thought he would die under the burden,and told her it was here he wanted His people to tarry. She had never seen the barn, but on enquiry it was found as she said. When asked if we could have the use of it the owner not only gave his consent, but said he would spread some hay on the floor, and we could come and go as we liked.

I wish to describe to you what followed. God's hungry sheep were well known to each other by this time, and the invitation was whispered among them: "Come over to the old barn!" What a gathering it was holy laughter and shouts of victory blended in one harmonious song or praise.

The Comforter had come and set His seal upon each yielded life, speaking for Himself in any language He pleased.

Eternity alone will disclose what those old barn meetings meant for the world. I can only trace the history of one of the little ones whom God graciously met at that time.

Rumney camp-meeting was on when I returned. As I entered the grounds, my old friend Bro. Fowler was on the platform and asked me to come up and speak. God had His way, the Spirit fell and one sister nearly received her baptism.

That was my last message from that platform for a year. Those were truly days of Grace and glory, walking alone with God. Throughout all the misunderstandings and rejections God helped me to "stick to the honey".

Exactly a year passed, and once again, the saints gathered at Rumney for the annual camp-meeting. God sent some of His baptized saints. The fight was fierce, but the Spirit gave the victory, and the leader of the work, Bro. J.A. Wright, went down among the pine needles, and received a precious baptism. Others quickly followed till within a short time, nearly all the saints had received.

The fire spread to many surrounding towns. Some believed, others doubted. Opposition was great. Those who opposed grew lean in their souls: those who believed, received great quickening for soul and body.


First impressions: an invalid mother, spectre of death which saddened her childhood. Went to live with grandmother at Provi- dence, R.I., taught rural school at fifteen then attends Mount Holyoke Seminary, where she classes herself among the "sheep" section of students. Was sprinkled and "confirmed," but found no satisfaction. The book, "Christian Secret of a Happy Life" of great help. Still hungering for God.

Life's work really begins as she leaves the Seminary to teach at Thomaston, Conn. Meets companion, Gertrude Wheeler, also a teacher, and consecrated child of God. Days of school with God. After six years they together go to Europe, where they visit many places of interest, and return to continue teaching, at Bridgeport, Conn., where both become active members of a Congregat'l. Church. Miss G. comes to place of full consecration, then "Perfect Love," soon to be severely tested. Taught of God to trust for bodily healing. Through contact with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, receives light on Baptism and is immersed.

Gives up teaching and joins Miss W. in establishing a home for friendless women and children on "faith lines", where she learns to love the unlovely: separation comes, Miss W. goes to Africa, lays down her life; Miss G. opens up work in lowest section of the city, the Lord leading.

Contact with the "First Fruit Harvesters" of Rumney, N.H. For six years an itinerant evangelist. Stirring revival at "Toad Hollow." News of Holy Ghost revival in Wales, then "latter-rain" outpouring in Los Angeles, followed by contact with those who had "received" at Alhance Camp Meeting, Old Orchard, Maineamong the pine needles.

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