by Alice Belle Garrigus


While holding services in the town of Gilford in 1905, the revival in Wales broke out, and the daily papers contained long accounts of the marvelous work of God. A great desire came on God's people to see Him work in other places and soon little yellow cards were sent her and there, with these words: "WON'T YOU PRAY THIS PRAYER TILL THE ANSWER COME! LORD SEND A REVIVAL AND BEING IN ME."

Just a year later, the answer came, though in such an unex- pected way, many did not recognize it as such.

A little company of humble people were gathered for prayer in Los Angeles. Suddenly, they were prostrated by the Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as on the day of Pentecost. They were all filled with the Spirit and began to magnify the Lord. This was noised abroad and so many gathered there was no room for them. This caused Bro. Seymour, who was the leader to seek for a larger place. Find and old discarded church on Azusa St., which had been used to store lumber and cement, he caused it to be cleaned, put in some seats without backs and set up two dry goods boxes for a pulpit and those wonderful meetings which were to draw God's people from all parts of the world, began.

The Spirit led the meetings. Often Bro. Seymour's head was inside one of the dry goods boxes,then too there was a sprinkling of those who had received the baptism.

Among these last was a sister, Minnie Draper by name, who was on the Alliance Board and a prominent worker. When she received the baptism she was considered unsafe, and so instead of having a leading part as heretofore, she was given five minutes to speak. She arose and said, There was a honeysuckle growing over the porch where she was staying. Each day a little humming bird came for honey. One morning it stormed, and the wind blew hard. She wondered if the little bird would be there and went to see. There he was as usual, not minding the storm. She closed by saying, "Stick to the Honey."

From that time, all over the great camp ground, the saints who had received or were seeking the baptism of the Spirit, could be heard encouraging each other with these words: "Stick to the honey."

The sermons of the noted preachers have been forgotten, but many a child of God, upon whom the winds of persecution have blown, has been encouraged to press on and "Stick to the honey" by the example of the humming bird.

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