At the foot of the field that extends from the Moravian graveyard in Herrnhut lies the small village of Berthelsdorf with the castle of Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. Shortly after coming of age, he bought an estate from his grandmother that comprised both Berthelsdorf and the future Herrnhut and had a stately building erected on it in 1721. The castle and the near-by church became the spiritual center of the Moravian and Pietist refugees. And it was also in Berthelsdorf that many instructions were issued to missionaries world-wide from members of the Moravian mission board. Today, Zinzendorf's castle languishes in a sad state of dilapidation and will soon be beyond repair. Moravians no longer own these buildings, and it is the rather confusing ownership question that seems to have so far prevented the castle's restoration.

The pictures were taken in May of 1997 during a research trip to Herrnhut, made possible through a grant of the J. R. Smallwood Centre for Newfoundland Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland. A follow-up visit in 2000 saw the castle in an even worse state. -- Hans Rollmann

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