(1) Euery Lord Maior of London doth yeerly giue a guilded spoon to most of his Company, & at a solemne Feast, each guest giues him 4. or 5. or more towards his charge.

(2) He walks' out his dinner in Pauls, and his supper the Exchage.

(3) Rom.6.ver.16.

(4)In the yeere of Iubile.

(5)In Papisticall Churches, they both read the Scripture and sing and pray to Images, and all in Lattaine.


(7)Iohn 19:12.

(8)Some deriue Gloster from Gloria Caesari, others from Claudius Caesar.

(9)As the Egyptians Hierogliphicks.


(11)Uide, the collect on good-Fryday. Nicholas de Nichola.lib.4.cap.36.

(12)Nicholas de Nichola.lib.4.cap.36.

(13)Boniface Arch.Bi.of Mentz.apud.Gratian.Dig.40.

(14)A word frequently vsed by the West-Countrymen, and signifies muttering or murmuring

(15)Dogs and Cats are fishes so call'd, and Hounds a kind of Fowle

(16)Cald in French Poure Gens, in English corruptly Poore John, being the principall Fish brought out of this Countrie.


(18)Greg.lib.4.Epist.32.and 36.






(24)Contrary to Christs saying, Mat.19.23,14.

(25)Not quiet, an usuall phrase for sicknesse in Deuonshire.

(26)Gen. 9. 25.

(27)Reuel. 8. 12.


(29)Zeuxis drawing this picture had all the choice beauties of Greece naked before him

(30)Luke 10.42.


(32)Owen, Lib.4.Epig.40.

(33)He wrot the battell of Agincourt, when he was aboue 60 yeers old.


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