An vnfinisht Booke.

1. To the Reader.

2. To the Reader.

3. Redargution or payd with his owne money.

4. Catholique, Apostolique Roman faith. To Papists.

5. To elder Pelagians, more fine later Papists and our refined Arminians.

6. A Chronagram of the yeere wherein Queene Elizabeth dyed, and King Iames came to the Crowne of England: both of blessed memory. Wee MaDe a HappIe Change thIs Yeere. MDCIII.

7. Of the Great and Famous, euer to bee honoured Knight, Sir Francis Drake, and of my little-little selfe.

8. To the right Reuerend Father in God, Ioseph Hall, by Gods especiall prouidence, Lord Bishop of Exceter.

9. To the Reuerend and diuinely witty, Iohn Dun, Doctor in Diuinity, Deane of Saint Pauls, London.

10. Aristotles ten Predicaments, to be reduced into questions, is an excellent rule for examining any busines for matter of iustice. To the hopefull and right worthy young Gentleman, Thomas Smith of Long-Ashton in the County of Sommerset, Esq.

11. Their vse.

12. The cause of Dedication.

13. To the Reuerend, Learned, and Iudicious, Thomas Worall, Doctor in Diuinity, and Chapalme to the right Reue. Father in God, George, L. Bishop of London. Of my reprehending Epigrams.

/60/ 14. To the Reuerend, my worthy ingenious friend, Mr. Abel Louering, one of the Preachers of the Word of God at Bristoll. Of my commending Epigrams.

15. To a Reuerend and witty friend.

16. Of Epigrams.

17. To the wise and Learned Sir Iohn Stradling, Knight Baronet, the Author of diuers Diuine Heroicall printed Poems.

18. To Master Beniamin Iohnson, Witty Epigramma- tist, and most excellent Poet.

/61/ 19. To one of my neate Readers.

20. To the acute Satyrist, Master George Wither.

21. To the same Mr. George Wither, of his owne Satyres.

22. To my right worthy friend, Mr. Michael Drayton, whose vnwearied old Muse still produceth dainties.

23. To my worthy and learned good friend, Mr. Iohn Vicars, who hath translated part of Mr. Owens Epigrams.

24. To my good friend, Mr. T.B. Vintner, at the signe of the Sunne in Milke-street.

27. To a Friend, who asked me why I doe not compose some particular Epigrams to our most gracious King, as my Friend Iohn Owen did to his famous Father, King IAMES of blessed memorie.

28. Sinnes short Grammar.
To my louing Cousin Master
Iohn Gunning the younger, of Bristoll Merchant.

29. To lashing, fault-finding Zoilus.

30. To the ineffable, indiuiduall, euer blessed Trinity in Vnity.

The end of the Authors Quodlibets.
At this time.

To the Reader, instead of an Epistle.
If these faile in worth, blame me, but consider from whence they came; from a place of no helps. If in Printing, blame the Printer, and mend it. I haue omitted many of mine owne and of the Translatios. As thou likest these, thou maist haue the rest.

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