Iustice Epigram.

2. To my delicate Readers.

3. To my zealous, and honest friend, Master W.B. of Bristoll.

4. Gods Loue: The Deuils Malice.

5. God rewards thankefull men.

6. To a dissembling, sober, slye Protestor.

/40/ 7. Dissemblers coozen themselues.

8. On a wide-mouthed prating companion.

9. Latin Prayers by number.

10. To the Bishop of Rome.

11. A wife more deare than sweet. To a complementing kinde Husband.

12. Plaisters for a Gald-heart.

13. A husbands desire to his Wife.

14. To a weeping Widdow.

/41/ 15. Ill-fauoured Huswifery. To one shrewdly married.

16. To all Chollericke People.

17. To those who I feare will find fault with this Comparison.

18. Reasons for the taking of Tobacco.

19. The fine Properties of good Tobacco.

20. A Citty Sheriffe.

21. Si Sennior: Spaniard. Signore Si: Italian.

22. Why Astrea left the Earth.

23. On a Priuate, Rich, close-liuing Churle, alluding to him in Terence, who of himselfe sayes, Populus me fibulat, &c.

24. To the same fellow.

25. To the Pope.

26. Papisticall cruelty.

27. A Prayer hereupon, to the God of Iustice.

28. To our wise Roman Diuines.

/43/ 29. Why the fiue-footed Iambicke fits best in our English uerse.

30. To the Diuine soule of that excellent Epigrammatist, Master Iohn Owen. 32. Why Preachers stand, and Auditors sit. To his louing Friend, Master Robert Burton.

33. What Prosperity cannot perswade, Aduersity will enforce.

34. To a Friend.

35. Talking Beasts.

36. The Gowte.

37. When I was at Lincolns Inne, the fashion was, (and I thinke is still) after dinner vpon grand and festiuall dayes, some young Gentlemen of the house would take the best Guest by the hand, and he the next, and so hand in hand they did solemnly passe about the fire, the whole Company, each after other in order; to euery staffe a song, (which I could neuer sing) the whole Company did with a ioyn'd uoyce sing this burthen:
Some mirth and solace now let vs make, To cheare our hearts, and sorrowes stake. Vpon this kind of Commencement of these Reuels, I conceited this:

38. An old Prouerb, though a strange one, truely exemplified.

39. To a namelesse one.

40. The first Arithmeticke.

/45/ 41. The seeming good workes of vnbeleeuers.

42. Heauenly, and Earthly hearts.

43. To a superstitious Papist, fearefull of Purgatory, who to his cost desires to haue a quick dispatch from that fearefull place.

44. To rich Papists.

45. An humble, contrite, and double-diuided heart.

46. A short Dialogue betwixt two ancient Philosophers, laughing Democritus, and weeping Heraclitus.

/46/ 47. Counsell to my young Cousens, Iohn and William Barker, }{ Sonnes to my Brother Abel and Mathew Rogers, }{ Barker, and his now wife.

48. To one, who on his Gossips pratlings in a dangerous disease, thinks and hopes so much of his Recouery, that hee neglects the consideration of his Mortality.

49. To my Reuerend sicke friend, W.G. of Bristoll.

50. Papisticall Miracles.

51. An Aduertisement to all Tradesmen, and may serue for Souldiers, or any others subject to Casualtie.

52. To a Card-Cheater.

53. To one that hath lost both his eares.

/47/ 54. Whome Discretion doth not, Correction will keepe vnder.

55. A meditation of too much and too little Winde at Sea, wracking Stormes, and staruing Calmes.

56. Fearefull Hell-Fire.

57. To Sir Senix Fornicator.

58. Some standers by see more }{ then Gamsters.
Some standers by leese more }{ then Gamsters.

59. To nobly descended Recusants.

60. Traditions and Gods Word. To Papists.

/48/ 61. To one that asks me why I doe write so briefely.

62. To my kinde louing bedfellow, Mr. Edward Payne, on the Gift of a Ring, wherein there was a Poesie of Patience.

63. Wise mens ill successe, and Fooles Fortune. A Paradox.

64. To the Pope.

65. One of the Popes titles is, Seruant of Seruants.

66. All things are uendible at Rome.

67. To fault-finding more faulty Zoilus.

68. To a hard-fauour'd Widdow, who, because she hath many Suitors, thinkes well of her selfe.

69. Why Physicians thriue not in Bristoll.

/49/ 70. To my Readers. An Arsee-versee Reqvest, to my Friend Iohn Owen.

71. Health and Wealth.

72. To Inuocators of Saints.

73. To those Papists, who shew their ignorant Deuotion in their Aue Maries.

74. To one of the Elders of the sanctified Parlor of Amsterdam.

75. Great mens entertainement.

77. To a Bad-minded, Cholericke, vngratefull man.

/50/ 78. To Master Fabian Sanford, Master of our Shippe and voyage in Newfound-Land, and may serue for all Masters trading there.

79. Goodnes and Greatnes. To my good and louing Cousin, Mistris Thomasin Spicer, wife to Doctor Richard Spicer, Physician.

80. Mary Magdalens Teares. To my pretty Neece, Marie Barker.

81. To my Neece and God-daughter, Grace Barker.

/51/ 82. To a namelesse, wise, modest, faire Gentlewoman, my louing and kind Friend, whom reciprocally I loue as hartily.

83. To our most Royall Queene MARY, Wife, Daughter, and Sister to three Famous Kings.

84. To the same most Royall Queene.

85. A Newfound-land Poeticall Picture, of the admirable exactly featur'd young Gentlewoman, Mistris Anne Lowe, eldest Daughter to Sir Gabriel Lowe, Knight, my delicate Mistris.
The Preface to her Picture.

86. The Pourtraite.

87. To the faire and uertuous Gentlewoman, Mistris Mary Winter, the younger, worthy of all loue.

88. To the same beauteous modest Virgin, an Enigma.

89. To a faire modest Creature, who deserues a worthy name, though she desires here to be namelesse.

90. To my outwardly faire, and inwardly uertuous kind friend, Mistris Marie Rogers, widdow, since marryed to Master Iohn Barker of Bristoll, Merchant, my kind and louing Brother in Law.

/53/ 91. To the faire, vertuous, wittie widdow, Mistris Sara Smeyths.

92. To my kind and worthy Friend, Mistris E.B. wife to Captaine H.B. By my Captaines leaue.

93. To my perpetuall Ualentine, worthy Mistris Mary Tayler, wife to Master Iohn Tayler Merchant of Bristoll.

94. To my best Cousin, Mistris Elizabeth Flea, wife to Master Thomas Flea, of Exeter Merchant.

95. To the faire modest Mayd, pretty Mrs. Martha Morris, and of her hansome sister, Mistris Marie Philips, both of Bristoll.

96. Another to the same, being since married.

97. To the pretty, pert, forward greene, Mistris L.B.

98. To the modest, and uertuous Widdow, Mistris Eli- zabeth Gye of Bristoll, whose dead Husband Master Philip Gye, was sometimes Gouernour of the Plantation in Newfound-Land, where he, and she liued many yeeres happily and contentedly.

99. To a debavsht Vniuersity. A Complaint against Drunkennesse.

100. A short Iigge after this long Lachryvsa Pauin.

101. To the Reuerend, Learned, Sober, and wise Gouerners in this Famous Vniuersity.

102. That euery one may take his. To my worthy Readers.

103. To my vnworthy Reader.

The end of the third Booke.

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