1. To the Reader of my reprehending generall Epigrams.

2. Of the like Epigrams. To the right worshipfull and learned, Simon Baskeruile, Doctor of Physicke.

3. A probleme of Children.

4. To a close Sinner, more fearefull of shame, then Sinne.

5. To Curious Criticke Wit, Head-Constable.

6. On Erra Pater and his Almanacke.

7. To Baldpate.

8. To a Paultry Acquaintance.

9. To a certaine Periwiggian.

10. Of the Antiquity of the true Church, to a Iesuite.

11. To the same Iesuite.

12. To a sober, sly, Penurious, Vsurious Companion.

13. The Indefatigability of a Shrews Tongue.

/22/ 14. The goe-out and the Goute.

15. To Father Taylor Iesuite, sometimes my familiar friend in Oxford.

16. To an Idoll worshipper, or an obstinate Recusant.

17. A Meditation for such simple innocent people as I am.

18. The force of Repentance.

19. Most men want somewhat.

20. Too much, too little, hurts.

/23/ 21. Greatnes and Loue moue not in one Sphere.

22. To an enuied Fauorite, right worthy of his preferment.

23. To a casheard Fauorite; who hath deserued his disgrace.

24. How Little, how Great.

25. On Young weekely Newes-writers & old Chroniclers.

26. Conscience.

27. To a weake braind Good-fellow.

28. The only Foundation Rocke of Christs Church, To the Diuines of Rome.

29. An honest wrong'd Mans Meditations.

30. The good effects of Corrections.

31. Preachers Fame, and Ayme.

32. To the Reader.

33. A Christian Meditation.

/25/ 34. A Messe of Mistakers.

35. An Appendix to this Epigram.

36. A Guilty Conscience.

37. To gie the Church of Rome her due. To a Separatist.

38. To Quick siluer headded Innouators.

39. Faire Good Wiues.

40. Faire Shrewes.

41. A Probleme hereupon.

42. To all constant Batchelers, especially to my Good Friend Mr. Roger Michell.

43. To an honest old doting Man, such as I may be, if I liue a little longer.

44. A Crue of Cursing Companions. To the Bishop of Rome.

45. To the same man.

46. Enuies Dyet.

47. To a hansome Whore.

48. The mad life of a mad Sea-man of Warre.

49. Of the Gunpowder Holly-day, the 5. of Nouember.

50. On these blacke Saints.

51. To a great Gamester.

52. Most men are mistaken. To Mr. Robert Grimes.

53. The Tree of Sanctification.

54. Real presence }{ Each contradict Praying to Saints }{ the other.

55. An Antidote for Drunkards.

56. Womens Tyers.

57. The Gyant.

58. To a namelesse Friend, whose head is said to be full of Proclamations.

59. The good of punishment.

60. A Chyrurgions good qualities. To my good friend Mr. P.S. Chyrurgion.

61. A Pill to purge Bribery.

/29/ 62. Papisticall faith.

63. Some poore comfort for these Multifidians.

64. Spirituall weapons to encounter with Satan. To my louing and good Aunt, Mistris Elizabeth Spicer of Exeter, mother to Doctor Richard Spicer Physition.

65. Confidence ill vsed, and Confidence abused.

66. A Caueat for buyers and sellers.

67. To Politike Bankerupt.

68. A mad answer of a Mad man.

69. A lusty Widdow, to one of her Sutors.

/30/ 70. To Mammonnists, who put their trust in vncertaine Riches.

71. God and Mammon.

72. There is no fooling with Edge-tooles. To a Friend.

73. My Iudgement on Men of Iudgement. To a kind Friend.

74. To all the shrewd Wiues that are, or shall be planted in New-found-land.

75. Some preuention for some of these misdooers.

76. Masters Behauiour. To my good Friend Master Thomas Mil-ware, of Harbor-Grace in Newfound- land.

77. Too much Familiarity breeds contempt.

79. The foure Elements in Newfound-land. To the Worshipfull Captaine Iohn Mason, who did wisely and worthily gouerne there diuers yeeres.

80. To all those worthy Women, who haue any desire to liue in Newfound-Land, specially to the modest & discreet Gentle- woman Mistris Mason, wife to Captaine Mason, who liued there diuers yeeres.

81. To a worthy Friend, who often objects the coldnesse of the Winter in Newfound-Land, and may serue for all those that haue the like conceit.

82. To the right worshipfull Iohn Slany, Treasurer to the Newfound-land Company, and to all the rest of that Honorable Corporation.

/32/ 83. Of the same Honorable Company.

84. To the right Honourable Sir George Calvert, Knight, late Principall Secretary to King IAMES, Baron of Baltomore, and Lord of Aualon in Newfound-land.

86. To the same Nobleman.

86. To the right worthy, learned and wise, Master William Vaughan, chiefe Vndertaker for the Plantation in Cambrioll, the Southermost part of Newfound-Land, who with penne, purse, and Person hath, and will proue the worthines of that enterprise.

87. To the same industrious Gentleman, who in his golden golden-fleece stiles himselfe Orpheus Iunior.

88. Some Diseases were neuer in Newfound-land. To the right worthy Mistres, Anne Vaughan, wife to Doctor Vaughan, who hath an honourable desire to liue in that Land.

89. To Sir Richard Whitborne, Knight, my deare friend, Sometime Lieutenant to Doctor Vaughan for his Plantation in Newfound-Land, who hath since published a worthy booke of that most hopefull Country.

90. To my good Friend Mr. Thomas Rowley, who from the first Plantation hath liu'd in Newfound-Land little to his profit.

91. There is more gaine in an honest Enemy, than in a flattering Friend.

92. To the right Honourable, Sir Henry Cary, Knight, Viscount Faukeland, Lord Deputy of Ireland.

93. To the Honourable Knight, Sir Perciuall Willoughbie, who, to his great cost, and losse, aduentur'd in this action of Newfound-Land.

94. To my very good Friend, Mr. Iohn Poyntz, Esquire, one of the Planters of Newfound-Land in Doctor Vaughans Plantation.

95. To the right Honorable Knight, Sir William Alexander, Principall, and prime Planter in New-Scotland: To whom the King hath giuen a Royall gift to defray his great charges in that worthy busines.

96. To the same Wise, Learned, Religious Patriot, most Excellent Poet.

97. To the right Honourable, Sir George Caluert, Knight, Baron of Baltamore, and Lord of Aualon in Britaniola, who came ouer to see his Land there, 1627.

98. To the same right wise, and right worthy Noble- man.

99. To the right worshipfull Planters of Bristoll-Hope in the new Kingdome of Britaniola.

100. To the right worshipfull William Robinson of Tinwell, in Rutland shire Esquire, come ouer to see Newfound-Land with my Lord of Baltamore. 1627.

101. To the first Planters of Newfound-land.

102. To my Reuerend kind friend, Master Erasmus Sturton, Preacher of the Word of God, and Parson of Ferry Land in the Prouince of Aualon in Newfound-Land.

103. To my very louing and discreet Friend, Master Peter Miller of Bristoll.

104. To some discreet people, who thinke any body good enough for a Plantation.

105. To the famous, wise and learned Sisters, the two Vniuersities of England, Oxford and Cambridge.

106. To answer a Friend, who asked me, Why I did not compose some Encomiasticks, in praise of Noble men and Great Courtiers, As my friend Iohn Owen hath done.

The end of the second Booke.

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