IN THE NAME OF GOD. AMEN. I, John Jones of Saint John's in the Island of Newfoundland, Pastor of the Dissenting Church in that place, being weak in Body but of a Sound Mind and Memory, do hereby make and ordain my Last Will and Testament in Manner and Form following, that is to say, FIRST I will and request that my funeral may be conducted and concluded in the most frugal and least expensive Manner that Decency will permit of, and that in no wise any Extravagant or extraordinary expense be incurred there on, but that the utmost simplicity and plainness be observed.

ITEM. If the Effects of which I may at the time of my Decease be possessed of, should be sufficient to pay off or discharge my just Debts and Funeral Expenses, then it is my Will that no charge whatsoever be made unto Thomas Lowman or Henrietta Lowman for or on account of any Sum or Sums of Money which they might owe or be indebted unto me (for their Board or Diet) at the time of my Decease, in conformity to a Promise made by me to my good Friend, their Deceased Father.

ITEM. I give and bequeath unto the said Thomas Lowman as a token of my regard for him, the following Books, viz. Stackhouse's History of the Bible in Six Volumes; Rollin's Ancient History in Ten Volumes, The Perceptor in Two Volumes, Locke's Essays in two Volumes; the best copy of Brown's Dictionary of the Bible in two Volumes; Newton on the Prophecys in two Volumes; Watt's Logic, and all the Gospel Magazines I may die possessed of.

ITEM. I request my Friend Nathan Parker will accept (as a small token of my love for him) my Silver Rimmed Spectacles.

ITEM. I give & bequeath unto Lionel Chancey (as a compensation for sundry services which he has done for me, and as a mark of my regard for him) Mr. Matthew Henry's Annotations on the Bible in Six Volumes.

ITEM. In consideration of the faithful services of my former Servant, Thomas Martin, and his great affection and Friendship manifested towards me during a servitude of Thirteen Years, and as a token of my regard for him, I give and bequeath unto him my best suit of Wearing Apparel; and in case the Debts due of me at the time of my Death can be paid off and discharged out of my other property, then I do hereby further give and bequeath unto him, All that Garden or space of Ground which I heretofore purchased of Mr. John Lee's, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto him and his Assigns for and during the Term of his natural life--And after his Death unto his Son Tom Jones Martin for the Term of Twenty Years, then and from that time this Bequest shall cease and determine, and the Garden or space of Ground hereby given, and the Rents Issues and Profits thereof shall be disposed of in manner hereinafter directed.

ITEM. I give and bequeath unto them the said Nathan Parker and Lionel Chancey all that space of Ground or Plantation heretofore granted unto me by His Excellency Sir Richard King situated and lying near unto Colonel Thorn's Plantation and now in the possession of Charles Power, as my Tenant, together with the Privileges and Appurtenances thereunto belonging; ALSO the Reversionary Right and Tide in and to the space of Ground or Garden hereinbefore bequeathed and devised unto Thomas Martin and his son Tom Jones Martin after the bequest and Devise beforementioned shall cease and determine; ALSO all and all manner of Interests, Incomes, Rents or Profits which arise or accrue unto me from certain Leasehold Property held by me and more particularly mentioned in a List annexed hereunto TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and singular the Plantation, Garden and other Property with the Appurtenances, unto them the said Nathan Parker and Lionel Chancey or their Assigns for ever, UPON TRUST that they do as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease convey and make over the same unto such Person or Persons as shall be elected and chosen a Committee for that purpose by the Members of the aforesaid Dissenting Church (Provided always that no Minister or Deacon of the said Church be of the Committee) which said Assignment or Conveyance is by the said Nathan Parker and Lionel Chancey to be made upon the SPECIAL TRUST and for the express USES hereinafter mentioned, viz. FIRST, that out of the Rents, Issues or Profits thereof, shall be paid any Sum or Sums of Money which may have been applied to my use out of the Income of Lowman's Estate, or may be requisite to reimburse the Children for any charge made to them for their Diet or Board--after which such Rent, Issues or Profits shall be applied towards the support and furtherance of the Charity School, but be it understood that I do not thereby intend to augment the Salary at present allowed to the Master of the School; but that a fund may be formed thereby; And in case the School should be discontinued, then I will and require that the aforesaid Rents, Issues, and Profits be applied towards the support and for the;continuance of the Preaching in the aforesaid Dissenting Church, and in case both the said School and Church shall cease and discontinue, that then during such cessation and discontinuance the Rents, Issues and Profits aforesaid are to be given to the Fund for the maintenance of the Poor of Saint John's aforesaid; but upon a Revival of either or both of the aforesaid Institutions, the said Rents, Issues, and Profits are again to revert to their first intended use. All the rest and residue of my Books, Goods, Chattels, Effects or Estate whatsoever I hereby give and bequeath unto them the said Nathan Parker and Lionel Chancey (whom I hereby appoint to be joint Executors of this my Last Will and Testament) requiring that the said Books, Goods, Chattels, Effects or other Property may be by them my said Executors Sold and Disposed of in the most advantageous manner, and the proceeds thereof be applied towards paying off or discharging all my just Debts and Funeral Expenses; and I hereby revoke and disannull all and every former Will by me made. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this Eighteenth day of November in the Year of our Lord one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-nine.

Signed, Sealed, Published and
Declared by the Testator, to be
his Last Will and Testament, in
the presence of us, who in his           Signed "John Jones" (L.S.)
presence, and in the presence of
each other have subscribed our
names as Witnesses.

"James Dickers"
"Daniel Newell"

I, JOHN JONES, do hereby give, grant and Assign unto Nathan Parker and lionel Chancey, the Executors named in, and appointed by my annexed Will, all the Right, Tide or Interest which I have in or to the Estate of the late Joseph Lowman as Executor of his last Will-- together with the Guardianship and Management of Thomas Lowman and Henrietta Lowman, his Son and Daughter, whom I hereby recommend to their Care and Attention; and that in placing out the said Henrietta a preference may be given to Mr. and Mrs. Guzwell. I wish her to be kept in School 'til She has some knowledge of Writing and Arithmetic. Mrs. Guzwell is to instruct her in Housewifery and such other knowledge as it might be in her power that might be advantageous. I wish her to be fully taught all manner of Needle-work that is commonly used. I have the terms on which she is to be taken by Mrs. Guzwell to be agreed on by my Executors, only noting, it is not to be considered as an Apprenticeship and if necessary to extend until she attains her Eighteenth Year. I do hereby appoint, that the Books which I gave or bequeathed unto the said Thomas Lowman by my beforementioned Will, be carefully kept for him until he is twenty four years old, and then given him, only he may be permitted an occasional perusal of them.

This Writing is to be considered as a Codicil to my aforesaid Will. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this 23rd day of November in the Year 1799.

(E-text furnished by Dr. Hans Rollmann)

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