Spoken at the Funeral of Mr. Thomas Newell in Newfoundland, Trinity on the 30th Day of June, in 1724.
By John Moor's of Christ-Church a Newfoundland Trader or Merchant.
GOSPORT: Printed for F. Moor's.

/3/ The Word of God which is Written for our Instruction. You will find it in 13 Chapter of the Gospel according to St. Mark, and 35, 36 Verses.

Watch ye therefore, (for ye know not when the Master of the House cometh; at Even, or at Midnight, or at the Cockcrowing, or in the Morning), Lest coming suddenly, he find you sleeping.

I Shall a little open the Text and then proceed; the Master that will come is Christ, the House is his Church, Heb. 3.6. I Pet. 2. 5. It will be a great surprise to all Foolish Virgins; when on a Sudden the cry shall be made, that Christ is coming in the Clouds, with great Power and Glory, therefore arise ye Dead and come to Judgment. O! Wo be unto us. If he should come suddenly and find us Sleeping in our Sins; therefore the Apostle saith in Rom. 13 Ch. 11. It is high time to awake out of Sleep, the Apostle Paul doth not mean a Natural Sleep, that they should awake from; But from the Carnal Works of Darkness, for he saith in the 12 Verse, Let us therefore Cast of the Works of Darkness, and let us put on the Armour of Light. /4/ So the Doctrine or Note, which I rise from the Words of the Text is this, that every one that Nameth the Name of Christ should watch against Sin; Least Death should suddenly come, and find us Asleep in Sin. Then, First, of all I say unto you, that it is the Duty of us all, to set a strict Watch and Hatred against those Sins, that we are most addicted unto, and let us take the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, for our Spiritual Weapon to watch withal, that with it, we may cut to Pieces the Sins that so easily beset us; O! Sirs we are beset with our Corrupt Flesh, and Deceitful World, and a tempting Devil, that we have great need to stand daily and hourly upon our watch: O! let us consider the word of a praying Jesus in Matt. 26. 41. Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation; the Spirit indeed is willing, but the Flesh is weak. Well then seeing it is our Duty to watch and Pray, I will give you Four weighty Reasons to stir us up to this Duty. First, Our Days are Swift. Secondly, Our Days are few. Thirdly, When our few Days are run out, then cometh the Master of the House, and perhaps he may come at Even, or at Midnight, or at the Cockcrowing, or in the Morning; and I /5/ say when he is come our Spirits must return then before that great God who gave it, either to be Justified or Condemned, to be taken into Heaven or cast into Hell; Where the Worm dyeth not, and the Fire is not quenched, Mark 9. 48. Fourthly, And lastly, at the Day of the Resurrection, the Dead must arise again, and receive the Things done in the Body, whether it be good or bad. So now I will prove those four Things, by the Word of God, for peradventure, God may give Repentance, to some Souls that be near, to the acknowledging of the Truth, 2 Tim. 2. 25. So the, First Reason to stir us up to watch against Sin, is this our Days are swift, holy Job saith, My Days are swifter than a Weavers Shuttle, Job 7. 6. and again in the 9 Chapter of Job and 25, 26 Ver. Now my Days are swifter than a Post, they are passed away as the swift Ships. Ah! Friends may we not say the same words, for hear is one Day passeth away after another, and they fly Swiftly away; and so our Souls are posting into Eternity as swift as the Ships on the wide Sea, are hastening into the Harbour whether they are Bound; well seeing our Days are so swift then should not this teach us to stand upon our watch, and live in the /6/ Fear of God, least the Master of the House should come Suddenly, and find us Sleeping we know not, but that he may come next Evening, or next Midnight, or next Cockcrowing, or next Morning, and if so. If we are wise Virgins and have got the Oil of Grace shining in our Hearts, we may say thy will be done, and let the Messenger Death come at Midnight if the Lord please, and all gracious Souls may say of Death, as King David said of Ahimaaz, He is a Good Man, and cometh with good Tydings, 2 Samuel 18. 27. So Death cometh with good Tydings to God's People, tho' there Days be Swift, and he may come suddenly for Saints as well as for Sinners as for Instance; when Ely the Priest of the Lord was Watching for his Heart trembled for the Ark of the Lord, yet Death came suddenly for him, See it in I Samuel 4. 13. 18. Death came suddenly for the Prophet Ezekiel's Wife, Ezek. 24. 16. 18. and it was Even his Wife dyed. Therefore O! Men, let me desire you to watch and pray, Earnestly to God in the Name of Christ, for ye know not, but this Evening grim Death may draw the Curtain and look in upon your Souls, O! Remember the Rich Man, in the Gospel Luke 12. 20. /7/Secondly, The second Reason to stir us up to watch against Sin, is this that Man is of few Days, or Man's Days be but few in Comparison of Eternity, but this I may say, tho' Man's Days be few yet he meeteth with much Evil in them; for when Pharaoh asked of Jacob how old he was, Jacob said unto Pharaoh few and Evil have the Days of my Life been, Gen. 47. 8. 9. Well but tho' Jacob and the rest of God's People have but few Days, yet they shall have all their Evil in this Life; so if they be reproached for the Sake of Christ, why is it but in this Life, for they shall be happy at Death, I Pet. 4. 14, So if they are afflicted, tormented, or destitute, or mocked, or scourged, or stoned, or tempted by the Devil, why is it but in this Life, Heb. 11. 36. 37. for when the Master of this House of Flesh is come; God hath provided for them an House not made with Hands Eternal in the Heavens, 2 Cor. 5. 1. and if the people of God doth meet with those Evils in this Life, of few Days as Hunger and Thirst, and Nakedness, and have no certain Dwelling Place, I Cor. 4. 13. yet the time is coming that they shall come out of these great Tribulations, and shall wash the filthy Rags of their own Righteousness, Isa. 64. 6. and shall make them white in /8/ Blood of the Lamb, and then they shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more, neither mourn nor weep any more, for then God shall wipe away all Tears from their Eyes, Rev. 7. 14. 16. 17. I shall make a little Application of what has been said if the Days of our Life be few as indeed they be, Let me beseech you; and as the Apostle saith, we pray you in Christ's stead be ye Reconciled to God, 2 Cor. 5. 20. Ah! Sirs, Let me desire you to watch and pray to God for Grace, for the Apostle saith; By Grace ye are Saved, Ephe. 2. 5. and now is the accepted Time, to receive the Grace of God, while those few Days are continued unto us; O! Let us lay hold on Christ by Faith, and let us overcome all the Evil that we do meet with in our few Days; with the good Spirit of God watch ye therefore and be not overcome with Evil, but overcome Evil with Good, Romans 12. 21. Thirdly, The Third Reason purposed to stir us up to Watch against Sin, is this that when our few Days are over, and all passed away; then the Master of the House is come; and he taketh away, and who can hinder him, and who dare say unto God what doest thou, Job. 9. 12. Then shall the Dust return to the Faith as it was, and the /9/ Spirit shall return unto God who gave it, Eccle. 12. 7. Well do you hear that your Flesh is as the Dust; for God said unto Adam Dust thou art, and to Dust thou shalt return, Gen. 3. 19. So it is the Body of Flesh, that lyeth in the Earth tell the Day of the Resurrection, and this is one Reason, that stirreth up the People of God to watch against Sin, and pray to God in the Name of Christ in this Life, as there Souls may enter into Rest, while there Body of Flesh do sleep in Dust well if the Spirit of God is setting Home any Word of his Grace upon your Hearts; I pray you do not stifle the Motion of it: But keep them in the midst of thy Heart, for they are Life unto those that find them, Prov. 4. 21. 22. Therefore pray unto the Lord that he may set firm in your Hearts; for Christ said, Blessed are they that hear the Word of God and Keep it, Luke 11. 28. Watch ye therefore, and keep the word of God in your Hearts, for when grim Death is come, thy Spirit must go before; A just and Holy God, to hear one of these Sentences in Matt. 25. 23. 26. 30. If thou sincerely watch and thy Heart waketh for Christ, as the Church in Canticels 5. 2. then I say this will be the Word thou wilt hear; Well done thou /10/ Good and Faithful Servant, thou hast been Faithful over a few Things, I will make thee Ruler over many Things; Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord. But if thou hast added Sin unto Sin, and hast despised Reproof, and hardneth thy Neck, and so sleeping in thy Sins, thou shalt Suddenly be Destroyed and that without Remedy, Prov. 29. 1. and this will be the Sentence thou wilt hear; Cast ye the unprofitable Servant into outer Darkness, there shall weeping and Gnashing of Teeth, see it in Matt. 25. 30. I must give you Scripture proof for all, almost I say or else perhaps you will reject what I do say, but pray Friends receive the Words of Christ, and Watch and pray, and Repent and Believe the Gospel, for ye know not; but that the Days of Mourning may be nigh at Hand, and perhaps while your Spirit is returning unto God to hear one of these Sentences, either to Heaven or Hell, thy Friends in the Flesh, may be Mourning over thy Body of Dust; Because Man goeth to his Long Home, and the Mourners go about the Streets, Eccle. 12. 5. O! The Lord grant we may not be found in our one Righteousness; nor yet sleeping in our Sins, when those Mourning Days be come. Ah! Friends, the Days of /11/ Mourning is over with God's People that are Dead, which did Dye with a Faith in Jesus; for Blessed are the Dead which die in Lord; from henceforth yea, Saith the Spirit that they may Rest from their Labours, and there Works do follow them, Rev. 14. 12. 13. Well if we enter into Rest, when the Master of the House cometh we must have good Works here, tho' they cannot merit unto Life; for when we have done all we can do, we must say we are unprofitable Servants, Luke 17. 10. but tho' our Works of Duty and Service, cannot be profitable unto God, Job. 22. 2. yet they may be profitable to ourselves and others: and especially in those things, as the Apostle Paul said unto Timothy, in his first Epistle, which he write to him from Laodieca, Give attendance unto Reading, to Exhortation, to Doctrine, Meditate upon these Things; Give thyself wholly unto them, that thy profiting may appear to all; Take heed unto thyself and to thy Doctrine, Continue in the for in doing this, thou shall both save thyself and them that hear thee, I Tim. 4. 13. 15. 16. Well what say you, will you stand upon your watch and work out your Salvation with fear and trembling, for now is the accepted time, therefore let me /12/ desire you to Watch, and Pray, and flee all Youthful Lusts; But follow Righteousness, Faith, Charity, Peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure Heart, 2 Tim. 2. 22. And the very God of Peace sanctifie you wholly, and I pray God your whole Spirit, and Soul, and Body, be preserved Blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, I Thess. 5. 23. So now I come to the Fourth Reason, to stir us up to Watch, and why we should Watch. Fourthly, And Lastly, At the Day of the Resurrection, the Dead must arise and be Judged according to their Works, for the Apostle saith, We must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, that every one may receive the Things done in the Body according to what he hath done, whether it be Good or Bad, 2 Cor. 5. 10. 11. Knowing therefore the Terrour of the Lord, we perswade Man; therefore let me perswade you to awake from your Sins, and close with the Lord Jesus Christ, before the Door of Mercy is quite shut, lest he should suddenly come and find you sleeping, and so bind you up in Bundles to burn, for so it shall be with all the Wicked at the End of this World, Matt. 13. 40. And then shall /13/ ye Return, and discern between the Righteous and the Wicked, between him that serveth God, and him that serveth him not, Mala. 3. 18. At that Day all that are in there Graves, shall hear God's Voice, and shall come forth, they that have done Good unto the Resurrection of Life; and they that have done Evil to the Resurrection of Damnation, John 5. 28. 29. Ah! Sirs, Consider your Ways, and be wise, and do Good in this Life, in bringing forth good Fruit unto God, for Christ hath said; Every Tree that bringeth not forth good Fruit is hewn down and cast into the Fire, Matt. 7. 19. Watch ye therefore and take the Shield of Faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery Darts of the Wicked, Ephe. 6. 16. That so we may be found among the Sheep, at the Right Hand of Christ, at the Day of Judgment; for then shall the King say unto them on his Right Hand, Come ye Blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you, from the Foundation of the World; For I was an Hungry and ye gave me Meat, I was Thirsty and ye gave me Drink, I was a Stranger and ye took me in, &c. so the Lord grant that we may take this Stranger into our Hearts, by Faith and such as do Watch, and receive /14/ Christ; they shall be Blessed and shall go into Life Eternal, Matt. 25. 33. 34. 35. 46. So Blessed is he that Watcheth, Rev. 16. 15. So the Lord grant that we may stand upon our watch, the Lord enable us to Fight the good Fight of Faith, as we may be Ready (when the Master of the House cometh) to receive a Crown of Righteousness. Which the Lord the Righteous Judge shall give to all that Love his Appearing, 2 Tim. 4. 8. So I End with those few Considerations. First, Consider what you have been. Secondly, Consider what you be now. Thirdly, Consider where you shall be a Hundred Years hence or after Death. Fourthly, Consider what has been done for you. Fifthly, Consider what God is doing for you now. Sixthly, Consider of God's Judgments Abroad. Seventhly, Consider of his Mercies at Home. Eighthly, Consider what has been said and the Lord give you Understanding. /15/A Hymn.

O Lord instruct us for to Watch,

As we may watch aright, Against the World, Flesh, and the Devil,
Which strive to Ruin us quite.
For if the Master of the House,
Should come upon us soon; And find us sleeping in our Sins,
Then sad will be our Doom.
For slothful Servants must be cast,
Into a dreadful Place; Where they shall Weep, and gnash their Teeth,
In a most woful Case.
But such as watch and keep the Faith,
For ever shall be Blest; When Christ appears he'll give to those,
A Crown of Righteousness.


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