Graduate student conference features public engagement theme
Office of Public Engagement

To kick off MUN’s Graduate Student Conference the Aldrich Conference Committee is partnering with several offices around campus to raise the profile of the conference and promote this year’s three themes: Research, Teaching and Learning and Public Engagement.

“We’ve been working closely with the Office of Research, Public Engagement and Teaching and Learning”, says Liz Wallack, Aldrich Conference coordinator. “We’re really excited with the level of support the offices have put forward. We’re now able to offer this year’s participants $2500.00 in prizes. Additionally, the offices are helping us to develop workshops for participants that complement each of the three themes.”

The Graduate students’ union’s aim is to foster communication among the graduate students and it thus hosts Aldrich conference in-order to provide an interactive environment” says Amrutha Paladugu, Vice-President, communications & research, GSU. The Aldrich Conference brings graduate students together from all faculties to share ideas and showcase their work in a supportive environment.  Designed to get graduate students to think outside their discipline, the Aldrich encourages students to make their presentations accessible to other students and members of the public who might not share their backgrounds. 

Taking place April 26th-28th at MUN’s St. John’s campus, the Aldrich will be held in the University Centre, with some presentations being hosted in the newly renovated Chemistry-Physics classrooms. 

 For more information on participating in the Aldrich Interdisciplinary Conference contact Liz at or visit their website at

Mar 7th, 2013

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