Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement


The 2016 cycle is now closed. Check back next in 2017 for informaion about the next funding cycle!

The Quick Start Fund for Public Engagement supports small projects such as preliminary meetings, events and service learning projects, that are in keeping with the goals of Memorial’s Public Engagement Framework. 

The objectives of the Quick Start Fund are to:

  1. support faculty, staff and students at Memorial in activities that foster public engagement and collaboration;
  2. further the goals and objectives of the Public Engagement Framework; and
  3. further the mission of Memorial University and help it meet its special obligation to the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador.

 Past Quick Start Fund recipents: 

Quick Start Fund Recipients 2016

March 2016

Ed 4644 Experiential Education. Jennifer Anderson. Faculty of Education
GIS-Based, Participative Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis for the Marine and Coastal Management Areas off Western Newfoundland, Canada. Rebecca Brushett, Grenfell Campus Division of Arts
Collaboration between NL School Lunch Association, Memorial Botantical Gardens, and the Faculty of Education: Creating an after school program that focuses on gardening, sustainability, and cooking for elementary school children. Elizabeth Yeoman, Faculty of Education
Songs and Stories of the Loggers of Newfoundland and Labrador: A public presentation on Fogo Island. Megan Forsyth, School of Music
Citizen science investigation of red squirrel (Tamiasciuris hudsonicus) distribution in Newfoundland. Erin Fraser, Grenfell Campus Division of Science
World Oceans Day Family Event- Come Fathom the Deep. Danielle Nichols, Department of Ocean Sciences
What’s arts got to do with it?: A structured dialogue about the roles of the arts and culture industries in Newfoundland and Labrador. Michelle Porter, Newfoundland Quarterly
Intergenerational Teachings. Sylvia Moore. Faculty of Education
Opera to Go! A Collaborative Performance for Students and their Families. Caroline Schiller, School of Music
thegreenrock.ca ~ think planet. live local. how do you fit in? Kim Todd, Department of Philosophy
P is for Picture Book: Imagination through Illustration: Highlights from the Roger and Marlene Peattie Picture Book Collection. Jeannie Bail, QEII Library
Chemistry and Your Life, Chemistry in Your Life. Geoff Rayner-Canham, Grenfell Campus Division of Science

February 2016

  • Exploring the Seafloor: Live Interactive Broadcast from a Research Vessel in the South Pacific to the Johnson Geo Centre. John Jamieson, Department of Earth Sciences
  • A Meeting of the Descendants of the General Hospital Graduate Nurses Serving Overseas in World War 1. Sandra MacDonald, School of Nursing
  • HSS on Food. Lynne Phillips, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Mobile Heritage Film Workshops. Morgon Mills, Labrador Institiute

Quick Start Fund Recipients 2015

 May 2015

  • Convergence: Art, Science and Spirituality. Dr. Maggie Atkinson, Division of Fine Arts
  • A Picture of Health: Pre-Election Forum on Health Policy. Ms. Rochelle Baker, Faculty of Medicine
  • Memorial Woodwind Festival 2015. Dr. Christine Carter, School of Music
  • Right Here, Right Now: A Women's Centered, Trauma Informed Drop-In Counselling Initiative. Dr. Catherine de Boer, School of Social Work
  • Sharing Dialogue While Promoting Health and Wellness. Dr. Rebecca Law, School of Pharmacy
  • Invocacion y Danza. Ms. Sylvie Proulx, School of Music
  • The health impact of early development: Town-Hall event for disseminating research findings and engage old and new participants with renewed enthusiasm and commitment towards the topic. Dr. Martha Traverso-Yepez, School of Medicine

April 2015

  • Science Literacy Week, 2015. Dr. Aimee Surprenant, Office of the Dean of Science
  • Knowledge, Free Expression and Democracy in Canada in the 21st Century. Dr. Barb Neis, Department of Sociology
  • Uncovering the invisible: microscopy and mushroom identification workshop. Dr. Dmitry Sveshnikov, Division of Science (Environmental Science/Biology)
  • Official Launch of Relationships First: Restorative Justice in Education NL Consortium. Dr. Dorothy Vaandering, Faculty of Education
  • Engaging Planners in the Development of Indicators for Planning Healthy Built Environments. Dr. Cathy Donovan, Faculty of Medicine
  • The Victoria Park Lantern Festival Puppetry Project. Dr. Jamie Skimore, Department of English
  • Fall 2015 Author Residency. Dr. Jennifer Lokash, Department of English
  • Listening "for" the Voices of Communities: Towards an Inclusive, Accessible, and Sustainable Physical Literacy Education Program for Children and Families in Newfoundland and Labrador. Dr. Kyoung June LI, School of Human Kinetics and Recreation
  • Regional Engagement: Stephenville-Port au Port. Marilyn Forward, Grenfell Office of Engagement
  • The Future of Nature on the West Coast of Newfoundland. Dr. Sean McGrath. Department of Philosophy
  • A hands-on workshop on videography for local youth. Trudy Taylor-Walsh, Bonne Bay Marine Station

 March 2015

  • Fighting depression and mental health with combat sports: Creating local champions. Dr. Adam Dubrowski, Faculty of Medicine
  • Introducing the Mi'kmaw Game of Waltes to Local Communities in Western Newfoundland. Dr. Angela Robinson, Division of Social Science [Social/Cultural Studies], Grenefell Campus
  • The Health Care Profession Camp for Aboriginal Students. Dr. Carolyn Sturge-Sparkes, Faculty of Medicine
  • Re-situating the role and importance of people with lived experience: Capacity building among participants of the St. John's Drug User Group. Dr. Christopher Smith, School of Social Work
  • Engaging the Public: A Town Hall Event to Talk About Health Research (Ferryland). Mr. Dale Humphries, Research Grant and Contract Services (NL SUPPORT)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Art Education Association Preliminary Foundation Conference. Dr. Gerard Curtis, Division of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Grenfell Campus
  • Community Volunteer Recognition Event. Ms. Jennifer Crowe, Student Volunteer Bureau
  • Collaboration between Grenfell ENACTUS students and the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation: Identifying and addressing entrepreneurial and sustainability issues in social enterprises. Dr. Jose Lam, Division of Social Science [Business and Economics], Grenfell Campus
  • Forum on Advancing the Experiential Learning Agenda at the St. John's Campus. Ms. Lisa Russell, Deputy Provost Portfolio
  • Engaging local fishermen in the public programming activities at the Bonne Bay Marine Station. Dr. Robert Scott, Division of Science [Environmental Science], Grenfell Campus

February 2015


Quick Start Fund Recipients 2014 

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014

January 2014