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Psychology Department Saddened by Death of Honours Student
Psych. Dept.
Erin Bursey

Members of the Psychology Department were deeply saddened by the sudden death of one of our honours students, Erin Bursey. Erin had recently completed an honours thesis under the direction of Dr. Sarah Francis entitled “The Roles of Parental Communication and Affective Responsiveness in Child Anxiety Sensitivity”. In April she presented her work at the Science Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference at Acadia University. In addition to her athletic prowess, Erin was an A student and a Dean’s list scholar.  Erin had a knack for explaining complex concepts clearly and communicating the importance of her research to others. Her love of learning and discovery was obvious and she bubbled over with enthusiasm when discussing her work. She was an ideal student; hardworking, energetic, and extremely intelligent. The Psychology Department was lucky to have her and we will truly miss her.

Jun 28th, 2012

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