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Walker Award
Psych Dept.

Walker Award

Four years ago, Dr. Lily Walker, Dean of Student Affairs, established the Dr. James L. Walker Convocation Award, which will be awarded at May's Convocation. The description can be found below.

"This award was established in memory of Dr. James L. Walker, a Brandon University department head, psychology professor and research consultant whose innovative teaching, socially relevant research and integration of research into treatment programs for Alzheimer's patients transformed the lives of students, colleagues and patients. Valued at $1,000, the award will be presented to a graduating undergraduate student in the honors program for Psychology at Convocation who has demonstrated both academic excellence and leadership within their community. The scholarship will be awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards upon the recommendation of the Department Head, Psychology."

If you are convocating in May 2012, you are invited to apply for this award. Please send (1) a resume (or CV) and (2) a one page statement that describes your academic excellence and your involvement with leadership. For the latter, this could include not only activities within the Department or University, but also activities in your home town or for other groups or organizations.

Please submit your application by dropping off a hard copy in the main office (SN-2065) or emailing an electronic copy (PDF versions are preferred) to We need to receive your applications before Monday April 30.

Mar 28th, 2012

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