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Psychology Holds Annual Research Day
Kelly Foss
Isaac Hughes and Dr. Jacqueline Blundell

On April 2 the Psychology department held its 5th Annual Psychology Research Day. The event showcased the research conducted by master’s and honours students in the department.

“Our students have worked hard on their research, and we are very proud of them,” said Dr. Gerald Martin. “Some of the projects have been, or will be presented at other conferences around the country, and we expect that many will be submitted for publication in referred journals.”

Seven second-year masters students gave presentations on talks from a wide range of subfields within the discipline of psychology encompassing many areas including behavioural neuroscience, clinical, cognitive, cognitive and behavioural ecology, developmental, and social psychology.

This was followed by lunch and poster presentations from the department’s 36 honours students.

Guests included undergraduate and graduate students and their families; Dr. Mark Abrahams, Dean of Science; Dr. Len Zedel, Associate Dean of Science - Research and Graduate and Dr. Andy Foster, Associate Dean - Administration and Undergraduate. Also present were the family members of Rennie Gaulton and Dr. Bob Adamec, in whose memory two awards were handed out.

Award winners included Dr. Ken Fowler, the Rennie Gaulton Teaching Award; Emily Philpott, Psychology Society Award; Melissa Walsh (Adrenergic Modulation of Olfactory Circuitry and Similar Odour Discrimination), Bill McKim Best Thesis Award; Sarah Oates (Metamemory For Words In Noise), Best Talk Award and Josh Quinlan (Position Error Gradients in the Brown-Peterson Paradigm), Best Poster Award.

In addition, the first Robert Adamec Award for Best Neuroscience Poster was presented to Isaac Hughes (Locus Coeruleus Activation by Glutamate Enhances Memory for Object Location and Defends Encoding Against Stress).

Apr 29th, 2014

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