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Captain Robert Bartlett Award
Psych. Dept

As a spontaneous expression of their admiration and affection for a man who has a lasting place in the history of polar exploration, the Explorers' Club of New York and two kindred organizations - the Wilderness Club of Philadelphia and the Harvard Travellers' Club of Massachusetts - donated a sum of money to this University, as a memorial to Captain Bartlett. The University has placed this money in a trust fund, the interest on which is the value of the award. It will be based primarily on academic excellence. Consideration may also be given to the demonstration of the spirit of scientific exploration. The award is made annually to a student graduating in Science, on the recommendation of the President.
If you are a psychology or behavioural neuroscience student and would like to be considered for this award please e-mail Christina Thorpe ( your resume/cv and a 1-page summary of how you have demonstrated the spirit of scientific excellence. You will also need a letter of support from someone familiar with your research (e.g., honours supervisor)  Deadline: April 24, 2014

Apr 11th, 2014

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