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Kindness Friday and the Psychology Society
Psychology Dept.

The countdown has begun to October 21, Kindness Friday! The Psychology Society would appreciate your assistance in encouraging you and  your students to bring food to the Psychology Food Drive.  This initiative is in aid of Memorial’s food bank and the Community Food Sharing Association and is part of a university initiative.  The goal the students have set is  500 food items.   The students would like the help of the faculty to get the word out.  The president of the Psychology Student society has asked to have the following details forwarded to each of you.

  • Psych Society is hosting a departmental wide food drive in aid of the food bank, goal: 500 pieces of food
  • Food collection will span all of next week: Mon. Oct 17-Fri. Oct. 21
  • Drop off items in boxes by society room, SN 2048
  • We will hold a FOOD SCULPTURE BUILDING reception with refreshments on Friday, Oct. 21 from 12:00pm-2:00pm before food is transported to the square, all students and faculty are invited.  Come along for the group photo.
  • Join the Celebration hosted by the Psychology Students next Friday.

Faculty can help get the word out by a) announce this info in all classes, b)post info on D2L/class website, and c) offer to collect food items in classes if students bring them in.  Another option, is that if a professor  wouldn’t mind taking a box to class on their own, this would be especially helpful as it would reduce the number of student volunteers needed for solicitation and transportation of food. (The students have boxes in the Student Society Room)

Oct 14th, 2011

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