Information for Current Psychology Graduate Students

  • Contact Brenda Crewe and your supervisor. Brenda will ensure that immediate paperwork gets done, including filling out a direct deposit form and the funding form, getting your social insurance number, and processing a study permit (if necessary). She will also orient you to the location of your office (and provide keys) and mailbox.
  • Registration: If not completed via the web, manual drop/add form

To register for your MUN e-mail account, go to the MUN homepage (, click on the “” tab and follow the instructions to set up your account. Any further email and computer help can also be found at the Computing and Communications website for Memorial (

Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff can request your cards online and pick them up at the Answers Office (UC-3013), Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:45 pm.




  • School of Graduate Studies: on “For Current Students” to access the following resources for students.

Guidelines and Policies

Registration Procedures and Course Offerings

Graduate Research Integrity Program (GRIP)

Teaching Opportunities for Graduate Assistants (TOGA)

Graduate Program in Teaching (GPT):

University Calendar and Regulations


  • International Student Advising Office:, Corte Real on campus) provides assistance with international student issues and health insurance




Department Head: Dr. Gerard Martin

Phone: 864-8495
Office: SN2065
Duties: Allocation of space; Departmental approvals; Teaching assignments (Course; TA Assignments)

Secretary to the Head: Bernadette Fury

Phone: 864-8495
Office: SN2065
Duties:Appointments with Head; Scholarship announcements

Graduate Officer: Dr. Brent Snook

Chair, Graduate Studies Committee (Policy, Admissions)
Phone: 864-3101
Office: SN3085
Duties: Liaison with School of Graduate Studies; Helps to coordinate scholarship applications; Discusses graduate issues the Head of the Department

Graduate Student Program Details: Brenda Crewe

Phone: 864-8496
Office: SN2065
Duties: Office keys; Forms for School of Graduate Studies; Thesis submissions; Scheduling comprehensive and oral exams; Graduate applications; Maintains graduate student files

Graduate Student Business: Scott Young

Phone: 864-4712
Office: SN2068
Duties: Financial issues; TA details

Department Mediator: Dr. Darlene Skinner

Phone: 864-2027
Office: SN1053

Research Computing Specialist: Avery Earle

Phone: 864-4302
Office: SN3070

School of Graduate Studies

Phone: 864-2445
Office: Inco Innovation Centre, IIC2012
Dean: Dr. Noreen Golfman
Asscoiate Dean: Dr. Faye Murrin
Duties: Fellowships and scholarships; Regulations; Examinations

Faculty of Science

Phone: 864-8153
Office: C2001
Dean: Dr. Mark Abrahams

Registrar's Office

Phone: 864-8260
Office: Arts and Administration, A2003

Comptroller's Office

Phone: 864-8222
Office: Arts and Administration, A2022

Cashier's Counter

Phone: 864-2599
Office: Arts and Administration, A1023

Graduate Student Union

Phone: 864-4395
Office: Feild Hall

Student Counseling Centre

Phone: 864-8874
Office: Smallwood Centre, UC5000

Sexual Harassment Office

Phone: 864-2015
Office: Smallwood Centre, UC3000



230 Elizabeth Ave, St. John's, NL, CANADA, A1B 3X9

Postal Address: P.O. Box 4200, St. John's, NL, CANADA, A1C 5S7

Tel: (709) 864-8000